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Guardian 25,385 / Araucaria

Posted by Eileen on 27th July 2011


My second Araucaria blog in less than a week. I’ve learned a couple of new words, where the cluing fortunately made them gettable, and wrestled with several of Araucaria’s characteristic long clues, which took twice as long as getting the answer – but we’re used to that. There were fewer outrageous liberties than last week, I think, but some might find 1dn a step too far!

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Independent 7,731 / Crosophile

Posted by RatkojaRiku on 27th July 2011


Crosophile had the edge over me this morning, I have to say. Having only blogged one of his puzzles until today, I have not yet fully fathomed how this setter’s mind works. Perhaps end-of-term fatigue is setting in for me on the solving front as well as on the work front.

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Inquisitor 1186 Crash-proof by Ploy

Posted by Hihoba on 27th July 2011


After reading how disappointed Chalicea was that HolyGhost found her puzzle easy, I’m a bit hesitant about saying that this was one of my quicker Inquisitor solves. The clues seemed very straightforward, and the theme dropped out of the two letter choices pretty easily. Having said that, I found it an entertaining and nicely constructed puzzle.

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Independent 7,730/Tees

Posted by Ali on 26th July 2011


I had a certain sense of deja-vu with this one. Much like Phi’s recent pasta puzzle, I solved the key clue (22A) fairly early on and managed to get a fair few of the thematic across answers in, but after that it became a bit of a thesaurus hunt trying to get the more obscure dogs and the (no doubt unavoidably) tougher down clues.

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Financial Times 13755 Armonie

Posted by scchua on 26th July 2011


This was a pleasant puzzle, thanks to Armonie.  Got held up a little with the last couple, but no trouble in the end.  (Definitions are underlined in the clues)

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Guardian 25,384 – Gordius

Posted by Uncle Yap on 26th July 2011

Uncle Yap.

Very entertaining morning exercise that shouldn’t give too much problems. Thankfully, no obscure village in some remote part of Devon.  I found (or I like to think I found) I have been pleasantly seduced.

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Independent 7729 by Quixote

Posted by nmsindy on 25th July 2011


I found this was an extremely easy puzzle in the Quixote style familiar from the IoS before he moved back to the main paper.    One of my fastest solves of the year so far, just 12 minutes.

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Guardian Quiptic 610 / Nutmeg

Posted by Big Dave on 25th July 2011

Big Dave.

I have managed to avoid reviewing earlier Quiptics by Nutmeg.  This was far too difficult for a supposedly easy puzzle and I derived very little pleasure from solving it.

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Guardian 25,383 / Brendan

Posted by duncanshiell on 25th July 2011


I am standing in this morning for Andrew who is unavailable.  I suppose I was expecting a puzzle from Rufus this morning, but as we see, this is an offering from Brendan.

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Beelzebub 1,117 (17/07/2011)

Posted by Simon Harris on 24th July 2011

Simon Harris.

A fairly tough week, I found. Completed this in several bouts over the course of the week, finally hitting the books in order to get the puzzle blogged today. I can’t quite see the wordplay for 7dn.

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Independent on Sunday 1118: Crosophile

Posted by jetdoc on 24th July 2011


Abject apologies again for the delay — knowing all the other pressures on my time over the past week, I should really have organised a swap for this one; but I thought I’d be able to fit it in.

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Everyman No. 3381 (17th July)

Posted by The Trafites on 24th July 2011

The Trafites.

Lorraine:  Good morning all,

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Azed 2042

Posted by John on 24th July 2011


The usual good crossword from Azed. It took me much the same time as I always take, which suggests that it wasn’t particularly difficult, but with all the endless thumbing of Chambers so that everything was OK for this blog, I was less than fast. Read the rest of this entry »

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Guardian Prize Puzzle No 25,376 by Araucaria

Posted by bridgesong on 23rd July 2011


With help from my friend Timon, this took us less than an hour to complete, although getting started took me longer than usual.  No particular theme (as far as I can see) but the usual mix of brilliance and liberties. Read the rest of this entry »

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Independent 7722 by Tyrus (Saturday prize puzzle 16th July 2011)

Posted by twencelas on 23rd July 2011


What has Tyrus in store for us?

A very topical puzzle indeed considering the antics of the gutter press and those who inhabit the gutters that the general public seem to find so interesting. Apart from the obvious references in the clues (6 across was a particular favourite) and technically breaches a 5 down!, there are numerous associations to be inferred in the answers.

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