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Enigmatic Variations No 975 58,91 by Syd Lexis

Posted by twencelas on 23rd July 2011


Well what a preamble – redundant letters spell out a phrase concerning one of the puzzle’s numbers. Then it entered the world of Edward Lear, in my opinion – I’ll save decoding its meaning till I’ve solved the clues and see if it makes sense then.

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Independent 7727 by Phi

Posted by flashling on 22nd July 2011


It’s Friday so it must be Phi. Usual good stuff and for me a pretty quick solve certainly under 20 minutes without really trying.

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Financial Times 13,752 / Loroso

Posted by shuchi on 22nd July 2011


I found this a shade easier than Loroso’s usual to start with but ground to a halt towards the end. 10a, 14a, 20a, 21d took considerable time. The linked clues 17d and 3d would have been tough too if I didn’t have the www a click away. Clever wordplay here and lots to savour, I specially enjoyed 1d and 2d for their disarming deceptiveness.

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Guardian 25,381 / Bonxie

Posted by mhl on 22nd July 2011


A nice puzzle from Bonxie. I found the top half of this puzzle remarkably hard, although on writing the post I can’t quite see why.

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Financial Times No. 13,751 by FALCON

Posted by Ringo on 21st July 2011


No nasty surprises from Falcon this morning; a nice neat puzzle, spoiled only slightly by some weak charades and a couple of questionable synonyms. And I learned a new word, which is always a nice treat before breakfast on a Thursday.

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Independent 7,726 / Nestor

Posted by RatkojaRiku on 21st July 2011


A double first for me today: this was the first time that it has fallen to me to solve and blog a Nestor puzzle AND I think that it is the first time ever that I have solved a puzzle in which not one entry was made up of a single word, since all the entries here are two-word phrases, many of which are hyphenated. I spotted this on my initial browse of the puzzle, without solving a clue, and concluded that Nestor must have set himself a personal challenge to fill the grid in this way, since a solver need not have noticed it to complete the puzzle.

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Guardian 25,380 / Araucaria

Posted by Eileen on 21st July 2011


Certainly the toughest challenge of the week so far, with some typically Araucarian liberties which will be a step too far for some. I’ll say no more at this stage!

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Financial Times 13,741 by Cincinnus

Posted by Pete Maclean on 21st July 2011

Pete Maclean.

Prize puzzle from the Weekend FT of July 9

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Independent 7,725/Dac

Posted by Ali on 20th July 2011


Maybe I was a bit out of sorts today, but this seemed pretty tough for Dac. The first answer I entered was 18A, and even then I didn’t know quite why (still not sure now as it goes).

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Financial Times 13,750 by Gozo

Posted by PeeDee on 20th July 2011


Gozo is in fine form today, well worth having a go at this one if you have not already done so.

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Guardian 25,379 – Philistine

Posted by Andrew on 20th July 2011


A second outing from Philistine (the first was in May), and rather a trickier one this time round, I thought, but very enjoyable and with some interesting and witty clueing. Thanks Philistine, and I look forward to seeing you here again.

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3D crossword event: reminder

Posted by jetdoc on 20th July 2011


Saturday 6 August: A 3D Bloggers and Setters in Cheltenham
“The First All-England RNIB 3D Crosswords Cup”

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Inquisitor 1185: Trilogy by Plumrot

Posted by duncanshiell on 20th July 2011


Plumrot is a new compiler to me so I wasn’t sure what to expect in this puzzle.  The grid was a fairly compact 11 * 11 size, presumably to fit with key elements of the theme.

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Financial Times 13749 PHSSTHPOK

Posted by scchua on 19th July 2011


There was a problem with the link to the online version, which meant that I started late.  (Thanks to those who responded to my call for help in trying to get the crossword.)   When I finally got it in hand, it wasn’t as easy as previous PHSSTHPOKs.  The right half was reasonable, but I got held up with the left half, and I’m still not sure of the parsing (nor of the answer too) for my last one in, 25D. (Edit.note: See comment#12 So, a little belatedly, here’s the blog I finally completed, with apologies for being late.  Thanks PHSSTHPOK, you’ve made me work, enjoyably, for it.  (Definitions are underlined in the clues.)

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Guardian 25,378 – Chifonie

Posted by Uncle Yap on 19th July 2011

Uncle Yap.

If I had not looked at the name of the setter, I would have guessed Rufus as today’s Chifonie clues are all short, simple and sweet, very much like those from that Maestro in Ironbridge, Shropshire minus the cryptic definitions. An enjoyable and delightful morning’s work-out that ended far too quickly, especially when today’s Times cryptic is still not available. Thank you, Chifonie for a very entertaining puzzle.

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