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Guardian Quiptic 611 Beale

Posted by scchua on 1st August 2011


A straightforward puzzle from Beale.  A tricky bit of parsing with 23A, though its solution was readily apparent.  Thanks Beale.  (Definitions are underlined in the clues)

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Independent 7735/Punk

Posted by Pierre on 1st August 2011


A wealth of wit, a soupçon of smut, and a cracking cruciverbal Monday morning.  Mr Halpern’s moseyed into town.

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Guardian 25,389 / Rufus

Posted by Eileen on 1st August 2011


It’s Monday,  it’s Rufus – say no more!



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Guardian Genius No 97 by Tramp

Posted by bridgesong on 1st August 2011


It was my privilege to blog Tramp’s first published puzzle (I think) which appeared in this series six months ago (Genius 91).  Since then he has published non-prize cryptics in the Guardian (and possibly elsewhere).  That first puzzle was of a high standard, one which has been more than maintained with this offering.  I say that despite some criticisms of individual clues because I have to admire and applaud the skill with which Tramp has constructed this grid.  The theme is Cluedo (which appears as a nina at the very bottom of the grid) and the victim, Dr Black, appears in the third line.  If that was not enough, the letters removed from each answer (shown in red below) spell out the message: “Colonel Mustard lead piping in the stud…”  The missing letter y “remains unsolved” according to the preamble.  I can only wonder how long it took Tramp to compose the puzzle.

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