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Guardian Quiptic 611 Beale

Posted by scchua on August 1st, 2011


A straightforward puzzle from Beale.  A tricky bit of parsing with 23A, though its solution was readily apparent.  Thanks Beale.  (Definitions are underlined in the clues)


8 One very absorbed by erotic entertainment (8)

CARNIVAL :  {I(Roman numeral for one) + V(very)} in(absorbed by) CARNAL(lustful,erotic)


9 A sign some resemble me? (6)

EMBLEM :  Hidden(some) in resEMBLE Me

10 Cut in yield (4)

CROP :  Double defn.  1st:  To cut short, as with one’s hair; and 2nd:  What’s produced,yielded in a farmer’s crop fields.

11 See one drawing tall building (10)

WATCHTOWER :  WATCH(observe,see) TOWER(one that is drawing,towing,pulling)


12 Walk to turn at end of road (6)

STROLL :  ROLL(move along by turning over and over, eg. a ball, or wheel) after(at end) of ST(abbreviation for street)

14 Leave girl with acute problem (8)

EVACUATE :  EVA(name of a girl) + anagram(problem) of ACUTE

15 Perhaps Virginia is a sycophant (7)

CREEPERVirginia creeper,five-leaved ivy,five-finger, an example(perhaps) of a CREEPER.  Spent some time trying to fit in VA before getting the checked letters.


17 Produce vicar took back to food shop (7)

DELIVER :  Reversal(took back) of REV(abbreviation for reverend,vicar) +(to) DELI(short for delicatessen, shop selling various foods, especially unusual or imported, already cooked or prepared.  The word is an Americanism from the German for “delicacies”)


20 First-born to hurry away after rejection (5-3)

BRUSH-OFF :  B(initial,first letter of born) +(after) RUSH OFF(to hurry away)

22 Criticise attempt to find a little room (6)

PANTRY :  PAN(criticise usually severely, as in “the play was panned on its first night”) + TRY(an attempt)

23 They’re behind star turn by royal horseman outside (10)

STRAGGLERS :  Anagram(turn) of STAR +(by) {GG(gee-gee,a horse) LES(name for a man)} around(outside) R(royal).  Tricky parsing, because of the “horse”/”man” and the “royal”/”horseman” conjunction in the clue.

24 About time it’s barred (4)

CAGE :  C(circa,about) + AGE(time period)

25 Engineers arrange holiday location (6)

RESORT :  RE(Royal Engineers) SORT(to arrange,put in some sort of order)

26 Ordered green tea for young person (8)

TEENAGER :  Anagram(ordered) of GREEN TEA


1 One describes Scottish island facing decline in recession (8)

NARRATOR :  Reversal(in recession) of {ARRAN(Scottish island) +(facing) ROT(to decline,decompose)}.  Edit.note:  Following comments #1&2, it should perhaps be …{ROT(…) +(facing) ARRAN(…)}, to be strict about it.

2 That’s the very same sound! (4)

SNAP :  Double defn:  1st:  Word to indicate you and someone have the very same,identical items or experiences, as in “me too!”.  Derived from the children’s card game, Snap; and 2nd:  Sudden sharp sound made by eg. snapping one’s fingers, towel.

3 A girl embraced love with declaration (6)

AVOWALA VAL(name for a girl) around(embraced) {O(letter that looks like, and therefore is used to represent zero,love,nought) W(with)}

4 Less inclined to give praise (7)

FLATTER :  More flat,less inclined,less slanting.  “Flat” is used here in the sense of being horizontal, with an inclination of zero degrees, eg. flat on the floor.  Not to be confused with “flat” to mean smooth, without projections – such a surface could be both flat and inclined.

5 Put it another way — return per share is terrible (8)

REPHRASE :  Reversal(return) of PER + anagram(is terrible) of SHARE

6 Pardon given by a bishop is the answer (10)

ABSOLUTIONA B(bishop as in chess) SOLUTION(the answer to eg. a problem).  A great surface.

7 Good to make a mark outside the church (6)

DECENT :  DENT(in the verbal sense, to knock,damage,make a mark) around(outside) CE(Church of England)

13 Free time when attacks are to be expected (4,6)

OPEN SEASON :  OPEN(free of obstruction to entry, movement, sight, eg. an Open tournament, an open office) SEASON(time of year).

Defn:  When applied to hunting, the period during which it is legal (terms and conditions apply) to catch or hunt fish and game protected by law at other times.  As applied to humans or things, it denotes a period when attacks,criticisms,mistreatment are common,to be expected,.

16 Not all alone, sadly, after opening stretch (8)

ELONGATE :  Anagram(sadly) of LONE(without all,not all the letters of alone) +(after?) GATE(opening in a fence).  The use of “after” when what is intended is “to place before” appears a bit problematical.

Defn:  The verb stretch.

18 Premature to grab flourished unfinished drink? (4,4)

EARL GREY :  EARLY(premature,before the appropriate time) around(to grab) GRE(without the last letter,unfinished of “grew”,flourished)

Defn:  Blend of Indian and Sri Lankan tea named after Earl Charles Grey in the early 19C.


19 Delivers one’s belongings (7)                                                                                                                                  

EFFECTS :  Double defn:  1st:  To make happen,delivers, eg.on a promise; and 2nd:  one’s personal belongings

21 Somewhat unrestrained with her art (6)

RATHER :  Anagram(unrestrained) of HER ART

Defn:  To some degree, extent, as in “I say, this crossword was rather easy!”.

22 Mixture left is a delicate shade (6)

PASTEL :  PASTE(mixture of a granular solid with a liquid, resulting in a gooey texture, eg. dough for making pastries, clay for pottery, and starch glue) L(left)

Defn:  Descriptive of a light,delicate shade,colour.


24 Shellfish student found in river (4)

CLAM :  L(abbreviation for learner,student) in(found in) CAM(name for many rivers, but the most famous is the one through Cambridge, which apparently gave its name to the river (renamed), and not vice versa.)


6 Responses to “Guardian Quiptic 611 Beale”

  1. Stella Heath says:

    Another great blog, scchua, but there are a couple of clues here I find a bit iffy for beginner level:

    23ac, as you say, has a very awkward parsing – we’ve only just started getting split words (‘horse+man’) in normal cryptics;

    In 5d, the surface reading means nothing, at least to me;

    ‘After’ in 16d could be taken as an (American) adverb, equivalent to “afterwards”, but it’s dubious.

    Also, there’s a slight error in your parsing of 1d, in that ROT is reversed as well as ARRAN.

  2. scchua says:

    Hi Stella, thanks for commenting…sure is lonely here today!

    1D NARRATOR is also slightly awkward. I have the {} brackets round both ARRAN and ROT, ie. both to be reversed. I know…that should make TORNARRA, strictly speaking.

  3. Robi says:

    Thanks scchua for a great blog (I’m making up the numbers). I didn’t get LES in STRAGGLERS, so thanks for the parsing – too difficult for a Quiptic methinks.

    Like you, I tried to get VA into CREEPER, but it wouldn’t go!

    Stella; I guess ‘return per share’ in 5 relates to amounts received from sales or dividends of stocks and shares.

  4. pommers says:

    Hello Scchua and thanks for a good review.
    This was too hard for a Quiptic IMO. At least, I solved the Rufus cryptic plus his DT offering together in less time than it took me to do this one! That’s 2 hard Quiptics in a row – are they raising the bar? Don’t mind personally but I thought the Quiptic was supposed to be on the gentle side?
    Thanks to Beale for a bit of fun first thing this morning – a nice start to the week!

  5. Derek Lazenby says:

    Der? Failed on Rufus now I failed on this. I finished one of Araucaria’s harder ones the other week. Hmmm.

  6. scchua says:

    Thanks for your comments.
    Agree with Robi re 5D surface; sorry Stella, had overlooked your comment first time round.

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