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Cyclops 448

Posted by jetdoc on August 3rd, 2011


Oh dear, two whole weeks late! Circumstances (like having to go abroad for an emergency business meeting, being ill when I got back, etc.) conspired, but that’s not a good enough excuse. Just a brief blog, then, in case anyone is still puzzled about the wordplay. I promise to do better with 450.

5 LAST DITCH Endure dyke right to the very end
LAST = endure; DITCH = dyke
8/23 FILM NOIR Scum politician finally getting city backing conjures up a dark picture
FILM = scum; N = politician finally; RIO, reversed
10 SHOREDITCH Ex-Labour minister, Peter, to get rid of London area
Peter SHORE; DITCH = get rid of
12 RECOUP Runs with Coe — excited, having an erection — get back!
*(R Coe up)
13/7 SCOTTISH INDEPENDENCE Salmond’s political ambition is “perverted, in-depth conceitedness”
*(in-depth conceitedness)
14 ICELAND ANC lied about source of aviation hazard
*(ANC lied)
16 GAGGING The purpose of a super-injunction is sick-making
Double definition
19 FRAGMENT Female leader of Tories welcoming Steptoe and Son a bit?
F = female; T = leader of Tories; RAGMEN = Steptoe and Son; definition = a bit
21 ONLINE Internet-connected person preceding this is cause of Tube delay?
‘Person on line’ may be a reason why Tube trains are delayed.
24 CAPABILITY Nickname of Brown? Yes — and certainly no!
Presumably saying that the nickname given to Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown would not also be appropriate to Gordon, ex-Prime Minister
25/11 BOOKWORM Reading fan has work-out in the middle of bang
*(work); in BOOM
26 EASY MONEY Sexually available given cash (income that’s not earned)
EASY = sexually available;MONEY = cash
1 DAPHNE Sandi Toksvig all over local woman
DANE = Sandi Toksvig (who is Danish); PH = public house, or local
2 ECSTASY After CSE fiasco, gutless Tory secures like, Transport
*(CSE); T[or]Y; AS = like
3 DIMWIT Miliband’s conclusion: “I’m comedian!” — plonker!
D = Miliband’s conclusion; I’M WIT
4 IMPRISON No knight, Cameron, one rejected — give the villain time!
NO SIR PM I, reversed
6 TURMOIL Rum shenanigans within Labour — utter chaos
*(rum); in TOIL
9 THROW A WOBBLY Chuck admits at first: “Like fleshy boobs to explode”
THROW = chuck; A = admits at first; WOBBLY = like fleshy boobs
15 CAR BOMBS Terrorist devices: Clegg’s initial answer, right, is a dead loss
C = Clegg’s initial; A = answer; R = right; BOMBS = is a dead loss
17 GALILEO One embroiled in legal fiasco — love the old heretic
I = one; in *(legal); O = love
18 UTOPIAN Idealistic union to bump off my employer!
U = union; TOP = bump off; IAN Hislop = Private Eye editor, therefore Cyclops’s employer
20 GORDON The Almighty working to guard rear of pisspoor Brown?
GOD = the Almighty; ON = working; R = rear of pisspoor
22 NUTTER One who gives head aggressively
Pretty straightforward definition

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  1. Bamberger says:

    Did I not like 1d? When I saw Sandi Toksvig , this being Private Eye meant I played around with part of the clue to 5. So from now on whenever someone is mentioned, that means their nationality is part of the answer?

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