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Financial Times no.13,763 by FLIMSY

Posted by Ringo on August 4th, 2011


Thursday seems to have crept up on me this week; sorry I’m a little late.

Some very smart clues from Flimsy today; only one or two I’m not 100% sure about.


1. ALPHABETIC  Not a misprint – an anagram of aabcehilpt, i.e. the letters of alphabetic in alphabetical order

7. POST  Posit [assume] minus I [one]

9. STEM  Not as sure as I might be on this one: Steam [move fast] minus a – giving stem for ‘race’, as in offshoot or family branch?

10. SUGGESTION  Anagram of g(ood) I guess not

11. TUNDRA  Reversal of nut [head] + Dr [doctor] + a(rea) to give the kind of habitat favoured by caribou

12. TEETOTAL  Anagram of to Attlee

13. PERFECTO  Perfect [as a verb, meaning finish] + (tr)o(ut) to give a kind of cigar

15. REED  Cryptic definition of the reed found in certain wind instruments

17. BEAU  Sounds like bow [knot]

19. EDIFICES Hidden in endangerED IF ICE Spreads

22. SUBPOENA  Anagram of up on base to give a legal writ – very nice surface

23. TAI CHI  Anagram of China it minus n(ew) to give the martial art

25. LIFE JACKET Another clever &lit – anagram of I fleet surrounding (‘protecting’) jack [sailor]

26. LAND  Lad [boy] incorporating n(ew) to give ‘land’ in the sense of a people or kingdom

27. HEFT  Anagram of the f(ine)

28. EAR TRUMPET  Anagram of a mutterer incorporating p [piano, ‘quiet’ in musical notation]


2. LETTUCE  Let [give permission to] + reversal of cut [divide] + e(astern)

3. HUMID  (Patc)h + anagram of mud I

4. BISMARCK  Double definition referring to the famous German and the US city

5. TIGHTROPE WALKER  Anagram of take pole right w(obbling) r(oof) – a slightly contrived &lit

6. CLEVER  Cleaver [chopper] minus a(irforce)

7. POT POURRI  Rather weak double definition – hash in the sense of a mixture, I think? Initially I suspected a reference to cannabis (‘pot’ or ‘hash’) but then I can’t see where pourri comes in…

8. STORAGE  Store [shop] incorporating Ag [the chemical symbol of silver] to give a ‘charge for keeping’ – the use of ‘store’ strikes me as a bit weak

14. FRUMPIEST  F(emale) + anagram of Im upset R(egina) [queen]

16. DICTATOR  Splendidly misleading double definition: one who dictates to a scribe or stenographer, and a tyrant or despot – such as the Kenyan President Daniel Arap Moi

18. ERUDITE  E(nglish) + rude [impolite] incorporating it

20. ENHANCE  Anagram of can (S)heen

21. BERATE  Be + rate [judge] to give a colloquial term meaning to rebuke, tell off or berate

24. ISLAM  I + slam [criticise]


3 Responses to “Financial Times no.13,763 by FLIMSY”

  1. Tom_I says:

    Thanks for the blog, Ringo.

    I was a bit unsure about 9a too, but I think your parsing is correct. Chambers gives STEM as “a race or family”, among other things.

    And in 7d, apparently POTPOURRI originally meant a mixed stew, hence a hash.

  2. Sil van den Hoek says:

    Very elegant crossword from Flimsy, who is perhaps not the most prolific setter on planet Earth (that’s someone else …) but one whose output may be summarised by: “its quality is inversely proportional to its quantity”.

    Faultless cluing with many highlights, the neat 10ac (SUGGESTION) for me being one of the very best.

    Many thanks, ringo, for the blog.
    And many thumbs up for Flimsy!
    [even if I have no more than two of them …. :)]

  3. Abby says:

    I think 15A may be two definitions- with “wind” as the verb. Like Chambers’ definitions of “reel” as “to waver” and “to wind on a reel”. Right?

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