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Independent no. 7742 by Radian

Posted by flashling on 9th August 2011


When I started to blog here I never thought I’d be reporting from a war zone. So a warm, ok fiery welcome from SE London

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Financial Times 13767 PHSSTHPOK

Posted by scchua on 9th August 2011


Thanks PHSSTHPOK for this puzzle – I’m sure your puzzles are getting more difficult with time!  The bottom half was quite quickly filled in, but the top half, especially the NE corner, proved a bit more stubborn.  Some nice surfaces and crafty definitions.  (Definitions are underlined in the clues.)  Similar to yesterday’s Guardian and last week’s Quiptic, I’ve put in a hidden theme in one of the picture sets – have fun with it.

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Guardian 25,396 – Chifonie

Posted by Uncle Yap on 9th August 2011

Uncle Yap.

Chifonie served up a delightful potpourri of entertaining clues that shouldn’t overtax the regulars here. Much fun to solve and very correct, too.

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