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Financial Times 13,768 by Cinephile

Posted by PeeDee on August 10th, 2011


Another interesting and varied crossword from Cinephile.  I liked 1,9 for the the construction, 3 down made me laugh, 8 down for its cleverness.

No time for any more preamble as I’m about to leave for a few days holiday!

Hold mouse over clue number to read clue.

1, 9 BETWEEN A ROCK AND A HARD PLACE BET (put money on) WEE (small) NA (North American) ROC (mythical bird) KANDAHAR (Afgan city) DP (paid) reversed and LACE (put alcohol into something)
10 EMPEROR tEMPER (mood, missing top letter) OR (gold colour)
11 STETSON STET (leave as is, publishing terminology) ans SON (boy) – famous brand of hats
12 GLOSS Double definition
13 CRITERIA wRITER (scribe missing W=western) inside CIA (US spies)
15 ACTIONABLE (TO BALANCE I)* – definition is ‘could be libellous’
16 PLEA PLEAsure (enjoyment, without sure=definite)
18 TEST definition is ‘see if you can’, the Test is a river in the UK famous for its trout fishing
20 BROADSWORD WORD (term) following (on) BROADS (waterways)
22 MOORLAND Definition and cryptic definition – ‘land of the Moors’
24 LABEL start of LA BELle Dame Sans Merci, poem by Keats
26 SLEIGHT Second L (student=learner, driver) EIGHT (rowing boat crew)
27 ASTATIC A and STATIC (form of inrterference) – definition is ‘without determination or polarity’
28 SECOND FIDDLE SECOND (to support) FIDDLE (scam, racket)
2 EXPLOIT Double definition
3 WORKSHOP Worksop is a town in Notts (Nottinghamshire), so in an inebriated fashion, Workshop would be in Nottsh
4 EARL almost EARLy (before time)
5 AUSTRALIAN (ALTAR IN USA)* – ‘digger’ is slang for Australian person
6 OVERT OVER (in the course of) and T, sounds like ‘tea’ (a meal)
7 KESTREL weaKEST RELatively – definition is ‘predator’, but where does ‘speaking’ fit in?
8 SERGEANTS MESS ‘sergeants in a mess’ could be an anagram for ‘greatness’ in a crossword clue – definition is ‘home for NCOs’
9   See 1
14 CARRINGTON RING (round object) in CARTON (container) – former UK politician
19 SHOWERS Double definition
21 ORBITAL ORAL (what’s said) around BIT (part) – definition ‘of the M25′, circular motorway around London
23 LOGIC LOGIe Baird (television pioneer, unfinished) and C (number, 100 Roman numeral)
25 CALF Cryptic definition – type of leather and immature romantic love


5 Responses to “Financial Times 13,768 by Cinephile”

  1. Sil van den Hoek says:

    Very entertaining crossword with a wide variety of devices.
    Thank you PeeDee, and I agree with your choices. 1,9 is a typical Cinephile/Araucaria long charade (with Kandahar in it, nice find).
    I liked the naughtiness of WORKSHOP (3d). I think one should see “Notts town” (as a whole) for Worksop, and then put the H in both, just over halfway.

    My last entry was 18ac. I knew it had to be TEST, but didn’t think of the river. Never think of fishing …

    In my opinion, 11ac (STETSON) does not need the word ‘on’. To me it’s even better without.

    Yes, good crossword.

    Oh, and btw, PeeDee, you really like Austrailians, am I right? :)

  2. Pelham Barton says:

    Thanks PeeDee for this blog. I agree with you that the work “speaking” is redundant in 7dn.

    In 20ac I think it should be WORD following BROADS not the other way round as you have it at present.

  3. Rene says:

    I also liked this one. I read 5d as a, er, dig at Murdoch. I think Araucaria once said he’d never take the Murdoch pound.

  4. Bryan says:

    Many thanks PeeDee & Cinephile this was very enjoyable.

    I know Worksop quite well but, sadly, I did fiddle around with STRING in 28a until the intersecting clues showed me the error of my ways.

    I had to dig very deep to recall CARRINGTON but, in defence of diggers in general, there are a lot of nice guys, too, even if they can’t play cricket these days.

  5. PeeDee says:

    Thanks fopr pointing out the (repeated) spelling error Sil. I got up a 6am to write this blog in a rush before leaving for holiday, so I was a bit confused (even more confused than usual).

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