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Financial Times 13,760 – Crux

Posted by Sil van den Hoek on August 11th, 2011

Sil van den Hoek.

Monday Prize Crossword/Aug 1

Maybe it’s just me (or perhaps the mood I was in whilst solving this crossword), but I thought this  Crux puzzle  wasn’t the easiest of Monday Prize Crosswords.

1 DEFOREST They fell in huge numbers to do this
    Cryptic definition
    Just one puzzle ago Crux had for the same word almost the same clue: “Fell in huge numbers”. Apart from the fact that Crux shouldn’t have wanted this, there are added words here that made this clue probably worse, IMO.
5 CARROT The root of temptation?
    Double definition
9 UNLEADED Such useless pencils make cleaner fuel
    Double definition with a cryptic element
    First, I thought this had to be CHAR (cleaner) + COAL (fuel), leading to CHARCOAL which might be found in perhaps out-of-use pencils. But that would have caused a conflict with my first entry (READY, 3d). The clue reminded me of one of these brilliant statements by Blackadder when he said to Queenie: Madam, life without you is like a broken pencil – pointless 
10 RETAIN Keep terriers in control
    TA (Territorial Army (terriers)) inside REIN (control)
12 LOOPY Crazy Kitty rejected Tommy, finally
    LOOP (reversal of POOL (Kitty – Think Betting)) + [Tomm]Y
13 SUNNY SIDE Star with New York team shows cheerful disposition
    SUN (star) + NY (New York) + SIDE (team)
14 CHASER Search drunkenly for drink after drink
16   EPERGNE Stand on table in gym, wearing green, perhaps
    PE (gym (physical education)) inside (GREEN)*
18 UPRIGHT Honest one’s involved in postal strike
    Double and/or cryptic definition
    UPRIGHT is clearly ‘honest’, but the second part of the clue made my brain work faster. I came as far as thinking of ‘philately’. A ‘strike’ on a postal stamp, which might be appreciated when it’s ‘upright’.  Am I right? [I don’t think I am with mike04 @2 here, and so far mark @3 couldn’t convince me either even if his idea is an appealing one]
20, 17  THE TWO CULTURES    Snow’s Great Divide, academically speaking
    Cryptic definition ?
    The work of CP Snow did get a mention in a few Guardian blogs recently, so the answer was quickly found. But I can’t say that this is my Clue of the Day.
22 TITHE BARN Archaic construction puts the lawyers in money
    THE BAR (the lawyers) indie TIN (money)
23 TENOR Voice of Tamino in The Magic Flute, normally
    Hidden answer : [Flu] TE NOR [mally]
24 RUMBAS Burma’s exotic dancers could perform them
25 PTOMAINE Could be top state for producing poison!
    (TOP)* + MAINE (state)
26 SYSTEM Method that can be extremely silly to stop
    S[ill]Y + STEM (stop)
27 APPRISES Informs a prize is for listeners
    Homophone of ‘A PRIZE IS’
    Bit of a giveaway, I thought.
1 DOUBLE Score it at 20 across for 4
    4 is twice 2 (20 across’s answer THE TWO)
    Well, that’s the only thing I can make of it. Help 2! [As mike04 @2 says there is a sport reference (darts)]
2 FALL ON HARD TIMES    Attack Dickens’ work and suffer in depression
    FALL ON (attack) + HARD TIMES (Dickens’ work)
3 READY About to study the unknown
    READ (study) + Y (the unknown)
    I don’t think Y is ‘the’ unknown, but the surface needs it.
4 SPENSER Poet wants son, not daughter, to be a poet too
    One poet (SPENDER) with the D (daughter) replaced by S (son), giving another one
6 ACETYLENE Gas is unstable yet clean energy
    (YET CLEAN)* + E (energy)
7 ROARING TWENTIES Interesting row developed about a decade of optimism
8 TENDERER Not as tough as one who holds out
    Double definition
11 KNEE Joint proposal might be made on one
    Cryptic definition
15 SEGREGATE Cut off from Easter egg
19 TEAT Mealtime essential for babies
    TEA (meal) T (time)
    This was one of my last entries and a good one it is. One has to split ‘Mealtime’ to get the answer. However, I would have preferred to have a question mark at the end.
20 TANK TOP Apparel for a turret
    Double definition
    A turret is a thing on top of a tank that carries a gun. How wonderful life is ……..
21 GREENS You may be putting on these for a party
    Double definition
23     TIMER Send money up for an hourglass
    Reversal of REMIT (send money)


3 Responses to “Financial Times 13,760 – Crux”

  1. Bryan says:

    Many thanks Sil and Crux.

    When I did this ages ago, I rated it ‘Very Enjoyable’ and noted that GREENS and APPRISES were my last entries.

    This again shows what we already knew: that each of us is different.

    I did like THE ROARING TWENTIES which brought back fond memories of the late Dorothy Provine and the 1960-1962 tv series of that name:

    I still enjoy many of the songs of that decade and there’s a certain Crossie Setter who could probably tell us of the Speak Easies that he once visited.

  2. mike04 says:

    Thanks for your blog, Sil. Yes, a trickier Monday puzzle.

    I think there are sporting references in 18ac and 1dn/20ac:

    In Football and other sports, the UPRIGHT is the upright post in a goalpost.
    A postal strike could be a near goal. Maybe the adjective “postal” in this sense is just whimsical.

    I think THE TWO may refer to the Number 2 on a Dartboard.
    DOUBLE in 1dn would give us 4. Maybe ‘Score’ and ’20’ are there as distractors.

  3. mark says:

    Re 18, postal strike may be a “frank” (as in franking a stamp, when it’s stamped). Frank (candid, etc) = upright?

    I managed Saturday’s but this one floored me, but then I’m still fairly new to this game.

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