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Enigmatic Variations 978: Record by Loda

Posted by Dave Hennings on August 13th, 2011

Dave Hennings.

A fairly small grid this week, 11 × 11, and consequently fewer clues than normal as well. Across answers were to be entered with a letter missing, subsidiary indications being to the entered form. Down clues had an extra word, the second and fourth letters giving information about a performer who had to be highlighted in the completed grid.

A pretty easy one from Loda this week. It was fairly obvious to me after a couple of across clues, both of which lost a W on entry, that all across clues lost that letter. I zipped through this puzzle quicker than any for a very long time. The second and fourth letters of extra words in down clues gave English test bowler and Nineteen for ninety. Knowing next to nothing about cricket, I looked in the grid before consulting Google, and there in the middle row was LAKER, with JIM immediately above it, and I’d heard of him! Wikipedia then confirmed that Jim Laker was the first individual to take all 10 wickets in a Test match innings, 10 for 53 in the Australians’ second innings of the fourth Ashes Test at Old Trafford in 1956. Having also taken 9 for 37 in the first innings, Laker’s match bowling figures were 19 for 90: no other bowler has taken more than seventeen wickets in a first-class match. The nineteen Ws dropped from the across entries represented the nineteen wickets.

An entertaining little puzzle in a busy weekend, but …

… solving time: less than an hour!

Definition in clue
X = letter removed from across answers or second and fourth letters of extra words in down clues
xxxx = extra words in down clues
ABC* = anagram
ABC< = reversal
abCDef = hidden

No Extra
Answer Clue and Explanation
1 W TOWSER Store supply for dog (6)
5 W DEW-POND Pole’s trapped by dead end — a mist-filled hollow (7, hyphenated)
PO (pole) in D (dead) END
9 W TWIGS Gets old drinking cups (5)
TIGS (old drinking cups)
10 W WIENIE Sausage that’s endlessly being flipped (6)
IE (that’s) (b)EIN(g)*; I’d prefer it if ‘that’s’ were ‘that is’
11 W WRITER’S CRAMP Edit Married script I’d abandoned due to this? (12, two words)
12 W SOWLE Pull using lugs in some parts as luggage is empty (5)
SO (as) + LE (LuggagE empty); ‘lugs’ as in ‘ears’
13 W ELBOW Jostle the Spanish chap in Santa Barbara (5)
EL (the in Spanish) + BO (man in Santa Barabara, ie the USA); I’d prefer it if this ended with a question mark
14 W SWEAT Worry Dickie e.g. (5)
SEAT (dickie, eg)
17 W WHORL Fingerprint — found in bath or loo? (5)
in batH OR Loo
19 W WAKE Watch served at one time returned with energy (4)
KA< (served, old word) + E (energy)
20 W WREST Unlawfully take away what’s left (5)
REST (what’s left)
24 W ARROW Any obsolete switches left over in Ayr? (5)
ORRA< (left over, Scottish word)
25 W ASKEW Like the wings of kittiwake, set at an oblique angle (5)
AS (like) + KE (wings of KittiwakE)
26 W GNAWS Astonishingly bites, starts to go numb and screams (5)
initials of Go Numb And Scream
28 W SWIZZLESTICK Jam follows extreme heat, stir liquid with this (12)
SIZZLE (extreme heat) + STICK (jam)
29 W TAWNEY Any tea? No one drunk port (6)
[ANY TEA – A (one)]*
30 W WHELM Destroy lunar module with high explosive (5)
HE (high explosive) + LM (lunar module)
31 W WANGLES In rough sea not even Nigel uses craft (7)
NGL (NiGeL without even letters) in SEA*; ‘craft’ as in ‘cunning’
32 W BREWER He makes porter essentially carry Scotch liquor first (6)
BREE (Scotch liquor) + R (essentially caRry)
No 2nd & 4th
Answer Clue and Explanation
1 E N THRASH Spots teenager following most of the party (6)
RASH (spots) after TH (most of THe)
2 N I OTIC Sexy tops of ear rings removed — inhibiting for the ears (4)
EROTIC (sexy) – ER (tops of Ear Rings)
3 G N SITTARS Dire Straits’ agent makes these instruments (4)
4 L E EGEST For example, Latin is sleepingdischarge (5)
EG (for example) + EST (is in Latin)
5 I T DISLIKENESS Lump on head shows lack of fitting resemblance (11)
DISLIKE (lump) + NESS (head)
6 S E PERES Fathers from Lourdes and pastor raise dry ashes (5)
P (pastor) + SERE<
7 H E NIMBUS Wet weather indicatorthreats are removed from submarine reversing (6)
8 T N DEPOT Dorothea keeps record stand in Grand Central Station e.g. (5)
DOT (Dorothea) holding EP (record); depot is a station in the USA
10 E F ICE MEN Professional killersnew-fangled pieces overlaid with diamonds (6, two words)
MEN (pieces) with ICE (diamonds) above
15 S O JANGLY Upsetting? Yes for Heidi and Glyn’s upset Esmond (6)
JA (yes for Heidi, ie in German) + GLYN*
16 T R SERVILE Cringing, relives disastrous stir-fry(7)
18 B N OSSIAN This Gaelic poet’s legendary musical abandoned or finally forgotten? (6)
OSSIA (or in music) + N (finally forgotteN)
21 O I TONKER Hard-hitting cricketer’s extremely big, no boring opener! (6)
(s)TONKER (extremely big, no opener)
22 W N PASTA Cooked flour dough by swing-door area (5)
PAST (by) + A (area)
23 L E BEZEL Reportedly consume out-of-date bluefish cutting edge at an angle (5)
sounds like BEZZLE (consume, old word)
24 E T ASTER Mention bloomer from East-Ender’s last broadcast (5)
[EAST + R (last of endeR)]*
27 R Y ACME Top reason for youth’s discomfort? Scrub army name for Mark (4)
ACNE (reason for youth’s discomfort) – N (name) and M (mark) in its place


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