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Beelzebub 1120

Posted by Jed on August 14th, 2011


Never a week goes by without this setter coming up with some extraordinary stuff – like 1ac



1  Kitchen wizard, say, to try something hard    SPELL BAKER    tichy

10 Joints? Pair turned over over in island    CARPI    PR< in CAI

12 Muscle, not tense, unknown regarding size?    GLUEY    GLU{t}E + Y    size as in glue

13 Love part of speech about Duke having excessive relations    OVERBRED    O VERB RE D

14 See US schoolgirl getting bananas    LOCOED    LO CO-ED

15 Right about church investing in Old English vestment    ROCHET    CH in OE in RT

17 Hospital department needing a long time for internal organs    ENTERA    ENT + ERA

18 Travel porn, I fancy, containing nothing    AIRPORT HOTEL

20 Variety of power for heat, or against heat, sometimes    WEATHERPROOF    (POWER FOR HEAT)*

23 Roman family is found in fashionable half of Rome, on reflection    ORSINI    (IS in IN RO)<

27 Ropes wear away, when passed through point    REATAS    EAT in RAS

28 Clothing to wear out after a time?    ATTIRE    TIRE after A T

29 Pub: to get plastered is about right (I don’t pay cash)    BARTERER    BAR R in TEER

30 Valve to fail, receiving excessive amount    DIODE    OD in DIE

31 Sword Earl I generally used, lacking tip    ESTOC    E STOC{k}

32 Find new time for various chores, omitting nothing, and avoid backsliding    RESCHEDULE    (CH{o}RES)* + ELUDE<



1  Company amidst troubles raised drinking songs    SCOLIA    CO in AILS<

2  How one should stand before court    ERECT    ERE CT

3  Footballer’s brief hesitation intercepting lob I tossed    LIBERO    ER in (LOB I)*

4  Heraldic edging, a dull thing, surrounded by most of historic doorpost    BORDURE    DUR{n} in BORE

5  No longer behind a rook, Queen’s last to move    ARERE 

6  Real votes etc – no small volume cast here?    ELECTORATES    (REAL {v}OTES ETC)*

7  Regret pinching church garment’s decoration    RUCHE    CH in RUE

8  Blokes accepting nothing about ultimate in laxative bark   MEZEREON    {laxativ}E in ZERO in MEN

9  Start and end of holiday recently upset due to rain    HYETAL    H{olida}Y LATE<

11 Concert capacity reduced by a speedy action    PROMPTITUDE    PROM {a}PTITUDE

16 Finish later exams, failing to get the mark    DIERESIS    DIE RESI{t}S

19 Co-ruler”s court case not completed by Chile    TRIARCH    TRIA{l} RCH   republic of chile IVR

20 Argument about source of livable planets    WORLDS    L in WORDS

21 Strip of cloth placed on target area    PUTTEE    PUT TEE

22 Savage facing violent death runs to church   FIERCE    FIE R CE

24 Mostly aggrieved about Bible for the American taste    SAVOR    AV  in SOR{r}

25 Is Bill encompassing a forename?    ISAAC    A in IS AC

26 Little time in most of malicious programmer’s output to show moral worth    VIRTU   T in VIRU{s}

3 Responses to “Beelzebub 1120”

  1. Pelham Barton says:

    Thanks Jed for this blog.

    Should not 18ac be AIRPORT NOVEL? [O in (TRAVEL PORT I)*]

  2. Pelham Barton says:

    Correction to 1: The explanation of 18ac should of course be

    O in (TRAVEL PORN I)*

  3. jed says:

    Thanks PB for sorting that out

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