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Private Eye/Cyclops 449 – Olympic Silver

Posted by beermagnet on August 15th, 2011


Who would have thought in 1986 that the pudgy little chap with the fearsome wit could take on the responsibilities of the sarcastic classes and make it his own.  In a way it is sad that there is still a need for Private Eye’s brand of investigative journalism, but there is always going to be a need for its humour, and  the crossword is a big part of that.



6 OLYMPICS Liberal, oily MPs accepting “Clegg’s leader” – another opportunity for a British fiasco? (8)
C[legg] inside (OILY MPS)* AInd: Liberal.
8 POSEUR One affected when Europe’s wrecked (Greece finally having gone) (6)
(EUROPE’S – E)* AInd: wrecked. The E to remove from [Greec]E. Def: One affected
11 NEHRU Ex-leader putting her bust into naff, unprepossessing tops (5)
(HER)* AInd: bust. inside N[aff] U[npreposessing] Def: Ex-leader
12 ON THE BALL Alert to new ideas? Not he, sadly – maybe Ed just needs to get end away (2,3,4)
(NOT HE)* AInd: sadly. BALL[s] From Ed Balls with his end away. Ed Balls is now being overused in the Eye grid – he’ll be asking for appearence fees soon
13 PLACEBO Personal problem after lay that merely makes you feel better (7)
B.O. (Personal problem) after PLACE (lay)
14 RELAPSE Return of disease – Dicky Rees guards genital area (7)
LAP (genital area) “guarded by” (REES)* AInd: Dicky
15 TWENTY-FIVE YEARS “Verify any tweet put out by Sun!”: that’s Ian’s term, as editor (6-4,5)
(VERIFY ANY TWEET)* AInd: put out. Then S[un]. Can it be true? It is! Ian Hislop has been editor for 25 years now.  It really doesn’t so lonog ago that I was surprised when Richard Ingrams handed over to a baby-faced twenty-something.  For the decent anagram and surface, and the historical reminder, I definitely made this my top clue.
19 COVER UP Whitewash balls inside part of bra (5,2)
OVER (balls – as in cricket) inside CUP (part of bra)
22 BEARS UP Maybe Rupert’s on the booze (keeps cheerful) (5,2)
BEAR (maybe Rupert) SUP (on the booze)
25 LITHUANIA State of endless bad odour in Italian corruption (9)
HU[m] (endless bad odour) in (ITALIAN) AInd: corruption
26/10 DAILY STAR Cheap rag makes a cleaner energy source (5,4)
DAILY (a cleaner) STAR (energy source) Def: Cheap rag
27 DULCET LibDem-Conservative leaders in “partnership performance” – how sweet! (6)
L[ibdem] C[onservative] inside DUET. Def: how sweet
28 YOURSELF Don’t feel this if you’re rough (8)
CD When you feel a bit rough and seedy, you are said to not “feel yourself”
1 JOIN UP Get into the armed forces and put the pieces back together? (4,2)
DD First clue looked at and entered very swiftly for a flying start with lots of first letters.
2 LYCHGATE Maxwell’s end involved e.g. yacht – “pre-entrance to God’s house” (8)
[maxwel]L (E.G. YACHT)* AInd: involved.  One of these [wiki]
3 SPOUSE Kate to Wills: “Get pickled, taking Philip’s lead” (6)
P[hilip] inside SOUSE (pickled)
4 FOREPLAY Warning: pressure by sexual partner that’s done to get you worked up (8)
FORE (Warning – ref. Golf) P[ressure] LAY (sexual partner)
5 DECAMP Balls up, luvvie-style? Get going! (6)
ED< (Balls up – ‘im again) CAMP (luvvie style) I wrote in DEPART justifying PART from a Role a luvvie night take, put the crossing RELAPSE put me right.
7 COOL OFF “Calm down!” – Cameron’s initial agitating of ‘fool’ (4,3)
C[ameron] (OF FOOL)* AInd: agitating
9 ROLLERS Posh cars, coarsened birds (7)
DD 1. Posh cars, coarsened (slang for Rolls Royce)
2. Birds  These ones [wiki]
I wondered if I would find a slang expression suitable for the second def. to be from “coarsened birds” but no such luck.
15/21 TICKLED PINK Victoria certainly wasn’t given the old trout treatment by gay? (7,4)
TICKLED (given the old trout treatment) PINK (gay) Def. refers to VR’s legendary lack of amusement
16 TORTURER One who, in the past, appreciated a nice rack? (8)
CD which is almost a single def. I suppose the question mark pushes it towards the joke reference to “A nice rack” as something to appreciate. This appears to be a bit of relatively sexist ‘merkin slang that has crossed the pond to be used to detrimentally objectify women – if you don’t believe me just do a google image search on “A nice rack” like I did … a half-hour ago … now I must finish off this blog.
17 VIBRATO Instruction to one who plays with sex aid endlessly … (7)
18 AUSPICES ‘Patronage’ means one American getting shafted by Ginger? (8)
SPICE (ginger) inside A US
20 VITALS Testicles at first stored in glass bottles – very important for a body (6)
T[esticles] inside VIALS (glass bottles)
23 ALDERS After one, seniors start missing things growing big (6)
A (one) [e]LDERS (seniors start missing) Def. Things growing big. I suppose that def is enough to cover trees, but I was doubtful on this one not least given ELDERS are trees as well. Anyway, certainly the last to go in.
24 PAY-OFF Talk about sick punchline! (3-3)
YAP< (talk about) OFF (sick) Def. Punchline. The end of a joke is the pay-off.
Met a chap carrying a lifesize model of a Thunderbirds puppet coming out of the hospital.  
He was looking very sad after visiting his sick friend. 
Turns out he was supposed to organise a bedside vigil.

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  1. Frank O says:

    Thanks for explanations BM – 23d really threw me and couldn’t get last three clues as a result

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