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Financial Times 13,774 by Gozo

Posted by PeeDee on 17th August 2011


Yet another great crossword from Gozo, and I’m lucky enough to get to write the blog again.  It wasn’t easy, but well worth the effort to complete.

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Independent 7,749/Dac

Posted by Ali on 17th August 2011


Lovely stuff as always from Dac, with the full range of clue types on show and elegant surfaces.

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Inquisitor 1189: Banker by Lato

Posted by duncanshiell on 17th August 2011


The preamble seemed quite complex on the first read through.  It stated “possible associations (not themselves in the grid) of eight unclued entries must be correctly paired.  Each pair is then completed by a simple cryptic interpretation of a ninth unclued entry (2 words) to give four individuals.  Associated entries are defined by extra single words in eight clues.  Hints to the identity of each individual are spelt out by extra single letters from wordplay in the remaining clues.  These
include two abbreviations.  Unchecked letters in thematic entries could read: TOM J, CLEM, MAX, DR M.”

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Guardian 25,403 – Pasquale

Posted by Andrew on 17th August 2011


A welcome return for The Don. There’s nothing too difficult here, except that 20dn was a new word for me (though easily guessable), and the phrase at 10dn may be unfamiliar to some, but I enjoyed the usual accurate and elegant clueing, with some nice moments of realisation. Thanks, Pasquale – more please!

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