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Independent 7,749/Dac

Posted by Ali on August 17th, 2011


Lovely stuff as always from Dac, with the full range of clue types on show and elegant surfaces.

It’s rare to have any problems with Dac, but I needed some help from the Reveal button with 15D and will need some help from anyone who understands 10A

1 TRAWL – T(ime) + RAIL (line)
9 PROFUMO – PROF + U(niversity) + MO (Mowlam)
10 BISTROS – Not sure on this one – ‘Restaurants: review classifies one “second rate”
11 LAD – LA[-R(ight)]D
14 GAPER – G(ood) + APE + R(ecipe)
16/19 A VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE – Double/cryptic def.
20 RACES – Double def.
21 CLOSET DRAMA – (LEAD ACTOR’S + M[-ystery])*
23 REF – Re: F[-raudsters]
24 ARIADNE – (IN A DREA[-m])*
27 PRESENTLY – PRESENT (offer) + L[-orr]Y
28 DROOD – D(aughter) + ROOD (cross)
1 TOP FLIGHT – T[-actitian] + OP + FLIGHT
2 AVOID – A + 0 (love ) in VID
3 LAUNDERER – LA + UN + DER (articles fro m abroad) + ER (hesitation)
5 ORB – BR(itish) + o (love) rev.
6 LASSO – Hidden in locaL ASSOciates
7 GERIATRIC – 1 in (GARRET)* + IC[-y]
8 TASTE – Initial letters of These Antipasti, Served To Everyone
13 RHINE VALLEY – R(oyal) H(ighness) + IN + YELL AVE rev.
15 PRECONIZE – E(nglish) CON in PRIZER(uns) + (SOME)* in EGG
21 CHAMP – C(old) + HAM (meat) P[-i.e.]
22 EDDIE – Even letters of nEeD aDvIcE
23 RHINO – “Rye” + NO
25 EFT – hidden in chiEFTain

12 Responses to “Independent 7,749/Dac”

  1. Eileen says:

    Thanks for the blog, Ali.

    10ac: a reversal [review] of SORTS [classifies] I [one] B [second rate].

  2. walruss says:

    …with the imperative verb as the indicator.

    Nice puzzle, and the last of Dac’s I shall be able to comment on! Off to Asia on Friday.

  3. Paul says:

    Thanks Ali and to Dac. I can’t read the other response on my iPhone so may have been beaten to this. But 10a. ‘Review classifies’ is ‘sorts’ written backwards and ‘i’ is one and ‘b’ is second rate. Didn’t get close to 15d but really enjoyed the puzzle.


  4. Wanderer says:

    What a wonderful word PRECONIZE is. New to me, and the one that defeated me today. I entered the improbable-looking PREPOLIDE (E{nglish} POL in PRIDE) and was not really surprised when I didn’t get my message of congratulations!

    Thanks for the explanation of RHINE VALLEY which I got without being able to parse. I now think it one of the best clues of the day. Also enjoyed LAUNDERER and much more besides.

    Many thanks to Ali and Dac.

  5. nmsindy says:

    Many thanks, Dac, for another excellent puzzle, and Ali for the blog. Some brilliant surfaces as always with GERIATRIC the very best for me, top drawer. Was able to work out PRECONIZE (unknown to me) from the wordplay, ditto the play at 16/19 which I’d not heard of and is by Arthur Miller (just in case, like me, anyone else was wondering). A v minor point, I think 20A RACES in not double definition with the ‘ in “Race’s” making it a wordplay element, I think. Walruss at #2, many comment from Asia on these blogs and blogs here have also been written in Asia so maybe you will be able to do so also.

  6. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Many thanks, Ali.

    I too failed to parse BISTROS. Elsewhere, usual Dac elegance, with RHINO one I liked in particular this morning.

  7. walruss says:

    Thankyou nmsindy, but I’ll be in a Buddhist retreat! No internet for me for a good while.

  8. ele says:

    Thanks Ali and Dac. PAEAONISE was my desperate attempt at 15d, with vague memories of paeans of praise. Otherwise, this was the most easily finished x-word for some time, so thanks Dac. Preconize was a completely new word to me and I’ll never forget it now. Liked Rhine Valley a lot.

  9. Shirley says:

    Dac Don’t understand Preconize – surely it’s just E CON inside PRIZE. Where does Egg come into it?
    Also I think there is a typo for 1A – it should be Trail not Trawl.

  10. Bamberger says:

    Memo to self-a coypu is not a fish.

    14a Good to copy recipe for fish. Good = u , copy recipe means anagram it and hey presto coypu. Of course that made 3d la und au er but la und and au are all foreign articles aren’t they?

    Anyway that made 1d & 15d ungettable.

    Never heard of masefield , preconsize or ariandne.

  11. caretman says:

    Well, to the list of new words that 15d has added to the English language, you can add PREPOLIZE (my vain attempt). I claim that’s at least as good a word as PRECONIZE. If only the dictionaries agreed with me.

  12. Allan_C says:

    Nice one,Dac. And finished within 25 minutes including searching in Chambers for a word to fit the crossing letters of 15d – I was lucky and found it almost at once, even tho’ it was spelt with an ‘s’.

    Bamberger @10: John Masefield was poet laureate from 1930 to 1967 – – and Ariadne in Greek myth was the daughter of King Minos –

    Thanks Eileen (& Paul) for explaining the parsing of BISTROS

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