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Financial Times 13,765 by Mudd

Posted by Pete Maclean on August 18th, 2011

Pete Maclean.

Prize puzzle from the Weekend FT of August 6

I think I deemed Mudd’s last prize puzzle a bit drab. This one strikes me as much better, a fine job indeed. My top clues here are 4A (FLATUS), 12A (OVER), 13A (CREED), 23A (HEDONISTIC), 25A (TIN HAT) and 10D (SPLIT ENDS). And I can find nothing to quibble about.

1. CRABBY – double definition
4. FLATUS – FLAT (even) + US (FT)
8. BATTERY – double definition
9. STOMACH – TOM (cat) in anagram of CASH. With a nice cryptic definition!
11. CHICKENPOX – CHICKEN (one animal) + P (power) + OX (another animal)
12. OVER – double definition
13. CREED – CREE (Indian) + D[ivinity]
14. INSTANCE – IN (in) + STANCE (position)
16. PRESERVE – P (quiet) + RESERVE (book)
18. ARROW – [h]ARROW
20. DODO – DO (one party) + DO (another party)
21. HEDONISTIC – anagram of ID NO ETHICS
23. BAG LADY – GLAD (content) in BAY (alcove)
24. SENEGAL – LA (Hollywood) + GENES (make-up) all backwards
25. TIN HAT – IN (popular) in THAT (which)
26. TSETSE – anagram of SET SET

1. CLASH – L (line) in CASH (the necessary)
2. ATTACHE – double definition
3. BARTENDER – END (goal) in BARTER (haggle)
5. LATEX – LATE (dead) + X (cross)
6. TOMBOLA – MB (doctor) in TOOL (device) + A (a)
7. SACRED COW – C (cape) + RED (wine) + CO (business) all in SAW (saying)
10. SPLIT ENDS – LIT (shining) in SPENDS (blows)
13. CORMORANT – anagram of ROMANT[i]C OR
15. STAINLESS – anagram of SALIENT + SS (ship)
17. STOLLEN – L[ad] in STOLEN (hot)
19. RESPECT – PEC (muscle) in REST (others)
21. HYDRA – hidden word
22. INANE – NAN (granny) in IE (that is)

2 Responses to “Financial Times 13,765 by Mudd”

  1. Bryan says:

    Many thanks Pete & Mudd, this was very enjoyable even though I got 2 wrong:

    I had ‘Swollen’ ? for STOLLEN – even though I now recall having eaten the stuff when I lived in Germany.

    I also had ‘Federal’ ? for SENEGAL – even though I have been there.

    Silly me!

  2. Pete Maclean says:

    The SENEGAL clue was the most difficult for me and I thought of FEDERAL before getting the right answer. I have not been to Senegal but am well aware of the country’s existence.

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