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Financial Times no.13,775 by ORENSE

Posted by Ringo on August 18th, 2011


A lovely little puzzle from Orense today. Nothing very difficult, but plenty of wit and variety; all in all, a nice way to spend a sunny ten minutes. Or maybe I’m just in a good mood because I got a cheque in the morning post and my A-Level results days are a long way behind me.


1. ADAM’S APPLE  A + dam [female horse] + sale [auction] incorporating pp [musical notation for pianissimo, very quiet] to give the layringeal prominence characteristic of a man

7. AVER  Braver [more courageous] minus Br(itish) to give ‘aver’, state or say

9. AVID  Reversal of diva [opera singer]

10. BROOMSTICK  Very nice cryptic definition; ‘stake’ as in stick or staff

11. ASSAIL  Ass [fool] + ail [suffer]

12. RENOVATE  Anagram of vote earn

13. BRIGANDS  Bands [groups] incorporating rig [equipment]

15. SODA  Two consumables: soda water, invented by Joseph Priestley in 1767, and the tasty Irish loaf soda bread

17. LIMA  Anagram of mail (love the anagram indicator) to give the Peruvian capital

19. IMPOSTOR  Anagram of promotions minus on

22. WARDROBE  Ward [part of hospital] + robe [gown] – robe seems to be doing double duty

23. ASHRAM  A + sham [pretence] incorporating r(esistance) to give the Indian spiritual retreat

25. MIGRATIONS  MiG [jet fighter] + rations [limits amount]

26. RAIL  R(ight) + L(eft) [opposing sides] incorporating AI [A1, first class]

27. LYNX  The big cat sounds like ‘links’, a seaside golf course

28. BAKED BEANS  Baked [hot] + beans [heads] – a delicious clue


2. DIVISOR  D(ay) + I [one] + visor [face protector] to give the number below the line in a dividend

3. MEDIA  Me [compiler] + reversal of aid [help]

4. AMBULANT  A + MB [doctor, Bachelor of Medicine] + u(nion) + l(eft) + ant [worker]

5. PROGRESSIVE ROCK  Brilliant cryptic definition: a stone in motion, and a kind of cerebral rock music

6. ERMINE  Er [show of hesitation] + mine [pit] to give the white-form stoat beloved of furriers

7. ACTIVISTS  Acts [Biblical book] incorporating anagramk of visit

8. EXCITED  Exited [went out] incorporating c(ape)

14. GRAND PRIX  Grand [£1,000] + prix [French for ‘prize’ – only half-cryptic, this clue]

16. UPRAISED  Up [leading] + r[ole] + anagram of ideas

18. INANITY  In [at home] + (wh)y incorporating a nit [a bug – a nit was originally only the egg of a bug (a headlouse, specifically), but the definition got stretched, as definitions generally do]

20. ORATION  O(ld) + ration [distribute – a second appearance for ration (see 25ac.)]

21. HOT TUB  Hot [popular] + T(rade) U(nion) b(rothers)

24. HORSE  Sounds like ‘hoarse’

3 Responses to “Financial Times no.13,775 by ORENSE”

  1. Pelham Barton says:

    Thanks Orense and ringo. A pleasant crossword. I am inclined to agree that the second appearance of ration is unfortunate.

    With this shape of grid I am on full nina alert these days and having found that 1ac, 9ac, and 11ac all began with A I was disappointed that the pattern was not continued – but that is not in any way a criticism.

    I did not see any double duty in 22ac: I parsed it as Part of a hospital (WARD) gown (ROBE) in (linking word) store (WARDROBE) here (possibly redundant indication that store is the definition).

    I would not call 14dn only half-cryptic. Although I have described the device of cluing a two-word phrase by defining each word individually as mundane, this clue has a nice surface and works for me.

    A minor quibble with 16dn: I do not like “role began” for “first letter of role”. Would not “beginning” be better?

  2. Ringo says:

    Hi Pelham.

    Re. 22ac, I’m just not sure that ‘store’ by itself is sufficient to define ‘wardrobe’ – but I’m just being picky. Fair points on the others, particularly 16dn – I agree.

  3. Ferret says:

    Straight forward solve with the exception of entering Mali for 17A on the first pass……

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