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Financial Times 13,780 by Aardvark

Posted by PeeDee on August 24th, 2011


A good plain crossword from Aardvark.   No themes, ninas or other funny business, just straightforward crossword fun.  My favourite clue was 14 down, least favourite was 17 down.

Hold mouse over clue number to see clue.

1 PEGASUS PASt US (without T=time) going round (to circulate) EG (for exaple) – the winged horse of Greek mythology
5 RETSINA RETINA (part of the eye=observer) includes (features) Special – Greek wine flavoured with pine resin
9 RELAY RE (again, prefix) and LAY (put down, a path for example)
10 TEST MATCH Tenor EST (‘is’ in French) MATCH (something that lights) – international cricket match
11 ON PURPOSE PR (price) inside SOUP (consomme) all reversed inside ONE
12 AT WAR RAW (unprepared) Territorial Army reversed
13 SIGMA StIGMA (disgrace without T=troy ounce)
15 HENRY FORD HEN (bird) FORD (crossing) on RY (railway, track)
18 MISTHROWN anagram (is improper) of WOMaN (ignoring A) and SHIRT – definition is ‘wrongly cast’
19 RATTY Definition and cryptic definition – Ratty is a water vole in the childrens novel Wind in the Willows
21 KNELL KNee (joint, deficient=not completed) and LL (two 50s as Roman numerals) – the sound of a funeral bell, proclaiming the end of something
23 MEANT WELL Male and ANT (worker) inside EWELL (town in Surrey) – definition is ‘intended to help’
25 SERENGETI GREEN* (anagram=models) inside SET (class) and I (1 Roman numeral) – region of Africa whose name means ‘endless plains’
26 TROLL Right inside TOLL (charge)
27 OBSCENE river OB in Siberia and SCENE which sounds like “seen” (discovered) – definition is ‘blue’
28 GINSENG GG (horse) around NINE* (anagram=excitedly) containing (eats) Sugar (first letter=a piece of) – plant whose root is used to make drink and medicine
2 GALAPAGOS GALA (party) and AGO (earlier) inside Private Secretary – Pacific islands
3 SKYER SKYE (Isle of, near Harris in the Hebrides) and Retrieve (beginning of) – a cricket stroke sent high up in the air
4 SUTTON HOO NOT reversed (promoted=raised) in SOUTH* (anagram=terribly) and Old – Anglo-Saxon burial site
5 ROSIE IS reversed (surfacing=coming up) inside ROE (eggs) – girl’s name
6 TOM SAWYER TOM’S (tom=lad, male) WEARY* – character in Mark Twain novels
7 IN TOW pINTO (spotted horse without P=power) and Weak (abbreviation, paticle physics)
8 ADHERED HERE (present) inside (in hands of) ADD (tot)
14 ASH BLONDE (ON BED HAS)* covering L (last letter of wall)
16 NON-PAYING ON PA (per anum, every year) inside GINNY*
17 ON THE NOSE definition is ‘precisely at that time’ – I guess that the opposite of catching the sole of one’s foot is getting hit on the nose. A bit stretched, and ‘seaman’ doesn’t really play much part in the clue either. ONE (sole) catches THEN (at that time) Ordinary Seaman (the opposite of seaman catching sole) – definition is ‘precisely’.  Thanks to Conrad Cork for this much better explanation.  This now becomes one of my least most favourite clues!
18 MAKES DO Mike (M in phonetic alphabet) and SOAKED* (anagram=in a shower)
20 YULE LOG YULE sounds like (broadcast) “you will” and LOG (record)
22 EUROS EROS (love god) contains (encapsulates) Universal
23 MY EYE Double definition – location of pupil and expression of disbelief
24 TITAN InsecT (wings=sides of) inside TAN (shade=colour)


4 Responses to “Financial Times 13,780 by Aardvark”

  1. Conrad Cork says:

    PeeDee I think you are being a bit hard on Aardvark re 17d.

    ‘Precisely at that time seaman is ‘then OS’, and ‘sole’ is ‘one’ which catches the seaman rather than the seaman catching him.

    Quite chuckle-worthy IMHO.

  2. Bryan says:

    Many thanks PeeDee & Aardvark.

    I struggled with 18a MISTHROWN after entering SUTTON HOE for 4d which looks as though it’s an alternative spelling:

    I couldn’t see the sailor in 18a either.

  3. Pelham Barton says:

    Thanks Aardvark for a pleasant crossword and PeeDee for the blog. I parsed 17dn the same way as Conrad @1, with the definition being the single word “Precisely”.

  4. Lenny says:

    This was an elegant effort from Aardvark. I liked the clues for Pegasus, Retsina and Test Match. This was quite a quick solve but I spent a couple of minutes at the end considering every possible alternative answer to On the Nose before concluding that it was the only possiblility. Thanks to Conrad for explaining that. Does anyone else detest ‘Just the opposite’ clues or is it just me?

    Thanks to PeeDee for explaining Obscene. I have never come across the river Ob before. I’m surprised that it is not used more often since Po is the only other 2-letter river in Crosswordland.

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