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Inquisitor 1190 – Part-time by Charybdis

Posted by Hihoba on August 24th, 2011


Has Charybdis been on holiday to Cornwall recently? If so he set a corking crossword while there! The rubric was pretty complex and, having read through it and not understood much, I cracked on with the normal clues. These were reasonably straightforward, though, as usual, I had Spenserian problems and found some wordplay difficult.

I noticed (only after some time!) that some of the clue lengths were one shorter than the space in the grid, and that these clues yielded answers that seemed to leave a gap in the grid below the letter I of ZIONIST. These were 14A, 17A, 18A, 25A, 28A and 29A. The solutions, MEDLED, PROLL, LESBIAN, LAND, DUTIES and ROTATOR, all had to be treated in some way.

This led me back to the rubric. My first discovery was the 8 letter town on the top row – MARAZION. Marazion is north of SAINT MICHAEL’S MOUNT which is 18 letters, the number of shaded blanks in the grid. Both are in MOUNTS BAY, which fitted nicely into the highlighted squares on the middle row. Extra letters had to be added to the words listed above to make new “real” words. This led to the appearance of CAUSEWAY. Unfortunately this seems to have been split by a misplaced bar. The bar should appear below the Y, not after the E of cause. (The grid is not symmetrical so there is really no reason for it to be where it is!)

MEDALED, UPROLL, LESBIANS, ELAND, DAUTIES and ROTATORY are the modified forms of the words listed above. Marazion is linked to Saint Michael’s Mount by a causeway which is only visible when the TIDE (13A) is “out” (also mentioned in the rubric) and presumably the reason for the title, “Part-time”. Ba noticed that if you delete the word TIDE the letters remaining in 1D, 2D and 3D are still real words. It wasn’t quite clear from the rubric whether this indication of the tide being out meant you had to delete TIDE or not. I liked the phrase “key link” at the end of the rubric, indicating a link to an island!

So the grid is a map with Marazion at the top linked by a causeway across Mounts Bay to a block of letters representing Saint Michael’s Mount at the bottom.

All (!) that remained was to fill in the blanks to populate the grey shaded area with an anagram of Saint Michael’s Mount. The four rows contained MULT, NATEI, ACISM and HNSO which form [SAINTMICHAELSMOUNT]* All words were dictionary words except for a capital city. This was RIYADH. The other across words were MULTURER, MARINATE and OSTRACISM. The down words were STOMACH, RUTIN, LESS (or possibly WAYLESS) and ULTIMO.

Very entertaining indeed!











 Clue  Answer  Definition Wordplay
 1  TAMARA  Spicy mix  TA (“In a single body, every territorial” – the longest definition I’ve  seen for TA!) + MARA (rodent)
 8  ZIONIST  Middle Eastern activist  Z (unknown) +I (one) + ON (supported by) + IS(aiah) + T(almud  primarily)
 10  FAME   Note  FLAME (indication of fire) L(eft) out
 12  EWER  The Water Carrier  EWE (correlate of the Ram) + R(ight)
 13  TIDE  Triple definition  Fit of passion, bound (Spenser’s tied), to happen
 14  MEDLED  Spenser equivalent of meddled  MED(iaeval) + L(ove) + ED(mund)
 15  LIONS  Brave people  RebelLIONS (uprisings) minus rebel
 17  PROLL  Keep looking around for something – stale (obsolete)  P (soft) + ROLL (bap)
 18  LESBIAN  Singularly Women – i.e. woman – in  Love  LE (jacket of LawrencE) + ‘S + B(ook) + [IN A]*
 19  APPEL  Rap with foil – fencing stamp  APPLE (pome) with end misspelt
 21  ENTASIS  Slight swelling  ENT (specialised medical field) + AS IS (not altered)
 25  LAND  German state . . .  L(uxembourg) + AND (together with)
 27  THUG  &lit clue – sort of loveless tough  [T(o)UGH]* 
 28  DUTIES  Taxes  DU(tch) + TIES (links)
 29  ROTATOR  It turns  Palindrome (in either direction)
 34  ISLE  A key (island)  Hidden in mISLEadingly
 35  TALE  Saga  T(our) + ALE (festival)
 1  TITTLE  Double definition  The least bit and gossip
 2  AXILE  Coinciding with its own branches  [A ILEX]*
 3  MODIST  Fan of fashion  MOST (majority) round DI
 4  RAM  Double definition  Pack and animal
 5  ZEDS  Final letters  Hidden in craZED Shootist
 6  OIL PALM  Tree as a source of fuel  [LOP LIAM]* but no indication of two words, and I don’t think it is used as fuel, more in cooking and soap manufacture! 
 7  NEER  Not once (never) contracted  NEE (born) + R(un)
 8  SEALED  Unopened  SEED (pip) round A L(etter initially)
 9  TROLLEYS  Bogies (wheels)  TROLL + [YES]*
 11  MESA  Hill  SAME (unchanged – swap SA and ME
 16  OBANG  Coin  OBLONG swap LO(ok) for A (one)
 20  PANTSUITS  Dress for women  PIT’S (mine’s) round [AUNTS]*
 22  NOHOW  Out of sorts  [HWOON]* – SHORT SWOON out of (minus) SORTS
 23  STATE  Say  e.g. Washington
 24  SAD  Winter blues  S(un) + AD (notice)
 26  BIRR  Double definition  Push (Scottish) and Ethiopian money (rhino)
 27  TREMOR  Indication of earthquake  TRE(e) + MOR(e)
 30  TARTY  Like a pro!!   T(erritorials) + ARTY (short for artillery)
 31  BELLE  Beauty  BEE round LL (lines)
 32  FREER  Relatively exempt  FR (father) + EER (always)
 33  LIRA  a little money  LIAR with ending changed


5 Responses to “Inquisitor 1190 – Part-time by Charybdis”

  1. Simon Harris says:

    Thanks, chaps. Enjoyed this one a lot, though I suspect it would have been a pretty quick solve if I’d ever heard of “Marazion”! I agree that the thing about the tide being “out” was a bit ambiguous, sadly. In the end I just put Xs through the four squares and hoped for the best.

  2. HolyGhost says:

    A short but enjoyable romp – helped, I suppose, by having walked the SW Coast Path from Lizard Point via Land’s End to St.Ives a couple of years ago. Took me a while to tumble to the TIDE being out, having dwelt a while on how LESBIANS being out(ed) could be relevant.

    Thanks, Charybdis. A neatly constructed grid.

  3. ele says:

    Thanks Hihoba. Like HolyGhost I got waylaid for a bit about lesbians being outed – especially as they might well be ostracized in Riyadh. And because I thought first of St Michael’s Mount, which didn’t have enough letters, spent yet more time trying to find versions of the Channel Islands or the French coast that might have fitted! But it all worked nicely in the end, so thanks to Charybdis.

  4. hounddog says:

    I’m afraid I was trying to ‘out’ the lesbian as well. What does that say about the three of us?

  5. Charybdis says:

    Thanks for the appreciative blog, Hihoba.
    Indeed inspired by a holiday let literally 200 or 300yds from the start of the causeway – any closer and we’d have had rising damp! A full moon night paddling on the causeway as the waves begin to part is really something special.

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