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Financial Times 13,772 – Dante

Posted by Sil van den Hoek on August 25th, 2011

Sil van den Hoek.

Monday Prize Crossword/Aug 15

Two Dante puzzles in a row, but I am not one who is going to complain about that .

Just like last week, please keep in mind that I cannot respond to any comments in the next few days.

1 TIBETANS Foreigners bait nets differently
    (BAIT NETS)*
5 PUTRID Corrupt, but set free
    PUT (set) + RID (free)
9 OPEN-CAST      Clear, the actors are, from the pit
    OPEN (clear) + CAST (the actors)
10  CRIMEA War, a subject of many a novel article
    CRIME (a subject of many a novel) + A (article)
    The solution is referring to the Crimean War (1853-1856). Not sure though whether ‘War’ is enough to define ‘Crimea’ as it is only the scene of that war.
12  HABIT Worn by a sailor in a blow?
    AB (a sailor) inside HIT (a blow)
13  BRIEFCASE Carried by lawyer for a short trial?
    BRIEF (short) + CASE (trial)
14  OLD LAG One who has served time and time again
    Cryptic definition
16  IGNOBLE Base for soldier in retreat, one of rank
    IG (reversal of GI (soldier)) + NOBLE (one of rank)
19  BAYONET It’s a fixed sort of charge
    Cryptic definition
21  GO DOWN Decline to leave university
    Double definition
23  REINSTATE Re-establish control by government
    REIN (control) + STATE (government)
25  BATHE Bachelor taking the plunge
    BA (bachelor) + THE
26  IN PLAY Not out of touch but performing publicly?
    Double/Cryptic definition
27  SNATCHES Quickly grasps fragments of songs
    Double definition
28  ELYSEE Rarely seen part of the French president’s residence
    Hidden answer: [rar]ELY SEE[n]
29  TRINIDAD Secret society hides racket back in island
    NID (reversal of DIN (racket)) inside TRIAD (secret (Chinese) society)
1 TROPHY Work hard in attempt to gain prize
    {OP (work (‘opus’) H (hard)} inside TRY (attempt)
2 BEER BELLY     Pot of ale?
    Cryptic definition
3 TACIT Bird without bill is silent
    TIT (bird) around AC (bill)
    The first time Dante uses ‘without’ for ‘around’ in this puzzle.
4 NOSEBAG A beastly food store? That depends
    Cryptic definition
6 UNREFINED Crude and rude
    Double definition
7 RUMBA Dance and a drink to uplift a sailor
    RUM (a drink) + BA (reversal of BA (sailor))
8 DIABETES Expires without help for disease
    DIES (expires) around ABET (help)
    Here’s the second time that ‘without’ = ‘around’.
11  KIWI All black bird?
    Cryptic definition (Think New Zealand)
15  LANDSCAPE Painters may paint it, and in a variety of places
    AND inside (PLACES)*
    Probably my Clue of the Day.
17  BEWITCHED Get married without desire? Must be under a spell
    BE WED (get married) around ITCH (desire)
    Without’ #3 …
18  ABORTIVE A bit over-developed and not at all successful
    (A BIT OVER)*
20  TRAP Vehicle that may catch a speeding motorist
    Double definition
    My last entry. One of the meanings of TRAP is ‘a light carriage’, while TRAP is also slang for a person who catches offenders (like the police).
21  GLEANER Description of Ruth, in general terms
    I have at least two weak points. One is my ignorance of war, soldiers and battles (and although the Real World is different, I want to keep it like that). The other is my lack of knowledge of the Bible. As a non-religious person I could at first only see GLEANER being an anagram of ‘general’. But now I know: Ruth went to glean in the fields where she met Boaz etc. etc.
22  LEASED Let out the smallest amount, say
    Homophone of ‘least’ (the smallest amount)
24  IMPLY Suggest I am to practise a trade
    I’M (I am) + PLY (practise a trade)
25  BATON Carry on playing for the club
    BAT ON (carry on playing)


5 Responses to “Financial Times 13,772 – Dante”

  1. Lenny says:

    Thanks Sil. Am I confusing myself or is there a false double negative at 26? When a ball is out, it is in touch so ‘in play’ should be ‘not in touch’ not ‘not out of touch’. Now I’m more confused than when I started

  2. Bryan says:

    Many thanks Sil & Dante for another enjoyable puzzle.

    I didn’t understand GLEANER – which I entered hoping for the best – and you have fully resolved my only query.

    My COD was BEER BELLY.

    Lenny @ 1 – I think that you have either confused yourself or there’s a typo in your version of 26a.

    in the version that I downloaded, the clue specified ‘not out of touch’ – so therefore it was IN PLAY.

  3. Lenny says:

    Let me try again. ‘Out of play’ is ‘in touch’. ‘in play’ is ‘out of touch’ so there is a redundant Not.

  4. Bryan says:

    Lenny @ 3

    In your confusion, you are now trying to confuse me but I am not confused. Believe me!

  5. Keeper says:

    Lenny & Bryan:

    Could you be thinking of different sports? I suspect Lenny is referring to rugby, where a ball kicked “into touch” is out of play, while Bryan may be thinking of football (soccer), where a ball kicked “out of touch” is out of play. (Interestingly, the phrase “out of touch” appears neither in the IRB Laws of Rugby Union nor the FIFA Laws of the Game.)

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