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Guardian N° 25,411 by Gordius

Posted by PeterO on 26th August 2011


Once I had dug out the answer to 1A, this puzzle gave me little trouble. Gordius comes up with several ingenious misdirections, and a smile at 24A; but there are also some clues (10A, 13A, 17A) where he seems to be waving his arms about furiously to indicate the answer. I submitted this blog first to Gaufrid, who had a few useful comments; my thanks to him.
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Independent 7757/Phi

Posted by John on 26th August 2011


As always a nice solving experience from Phi. My heart tends to sink when I see that many of the clues refer to some other clue: one is always slow to get started and what if I can’t get it? But in this case it was pretty straightforward and everything followed easily.

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Financial Times 13,782 / Falcon

Posted by Gaufrid on 26th August 2011


With each of the corners being linked to the rest of the grid by only a single answer this was more like four puzzles in one.

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