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Financial Times 13,782 / Falcon

Posted by Gaufrid on August 26th, 2011


With each of the corners being linked to the rest of the grid by only a single answer this was more like four puzzles in one.

A couple of old chestnuts (10ac, 11ac), several ‘omit the first letter’ (1dn, 3dn & 21dn) and a only handful of anagrams, the result being plenty of charades. It is rare to see part of an answer being indicated by its abbreviation (18ac), usually it is the other way round.

With WASHINGTON, PENTAGON, INTERN, MALEFACTOR and CHANGE ONE’S TUNE appearing in the grid I did wonder if there was a theme regarding the political shenanigans that occurred a few years ago but perhaps this is just coincidental.

Looking at it from another point of view, more recently 10 could also be linked with 14 and 27.

1 SACK RACE SACK (notice) RACE (people)
5 DOO-WOP WOO (court) in POD (case) reversed – “vocalizing in harmony in the style of rhythm-and-blues, orig developed in theUSA during the 1950s” (Chambers).
9 ROAD SHOW O[ne’s] in *(WORD HAS)
10 TERROR T[reated] ERROR (mistake)
11 BIGAMIST cryptic def.
12 AT HAND T (time) in A HAND (a factory worker)
14,20 WASHINGTON IRVING WASHINGTON (capital) IRVING (Berlin) – this US Writer.
22 SIZE UP SIZE (greatness) UP (at a higher level)
23 BORDER ON BORDER (touch) O (ball) [ru]N
24 HEARTH HEART (centre) [bag]H[dad]
25 SIDELINE SIDE (neighbourhood) LINE (note) – as in “I’ll drop you a line/note …”.
27 PENTAGON PEN (enclosure) TAG (note) ON (concerning) – I initially wondered about note=tag but it is given as synonymous in Chambers Thesaurus.
1 SCRIBE [a]SCRIBE (attribute article ignored)
3 RESUME [p]RESUME (to suppose parking’s not available)
4 CROSSPATCH CROSS (go over) PATCH (plot) – “a peevish bad-tempered person” (Collins).
7 WARRANTY R (river) ANT (worker) in WARY (circumspect)
8 PARADING N (name) in PARADIG[m] (short example)
15 SMASH HIT [smit]H[s] in *(A SMITHS)
16 BLIZZARD B (black) homophone (reportedly) of ‘lizard’ (reptile)
19 ADVENT AD (commercial) VENT (outlet) – it starts earlier every year!
21 INTERN [t]INTERN (head leaving Monmouthshire abbey)


2 Responses to “Financial Times 13,782 / Falcon”

  1. Pelham Barton says:

    Thanks Falcon for the puzzle and Gaufrid for the blog. A pleasant way of filling part of my lunch break.

    The relatively simple clues and the linked answers (14, 20 and 2,6) compensate to some extent for the quartered grid. I know this grid has been used many times over the years, but I would be happy never to see it again.

    I had my doubts about 25ac, but the parts fit together as explained by Gaufrid.

    I am slightly unhappy with “not available” as an exclusion indicator in 3dn. Am I being too picky, or would the clue work better as something like “Continue to suppose parking’s not on”?

  2. Bryan says:

    Many thanks Gaufrid & Falcon, this was very enjoyable.

    DOO-WOP was new to me but I guessed it correctly.

    MALEFACTOR was my COD as my first thoughts centred on Maxwell Knight of MI5 – who was known as M – but I couldn’t think of any of his agents who would be sufficiently well known. Possibly Olga Gray, Marjorie Mackie or Amor, Helene de Muncke, Friedl Gartner …

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