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Guardian Quiptic 615 Orlando

Posted by scchua on August 29th, 2011


Orlando has got both Quiptic and Cryptic spots today, including one word common to both solutions.  This is definitely, and rightly so, the easier one.  All nicely clued.  Thanks Orlando.  Definitions are underlined in the clues.  Hidden connections in 2 of the picture sets, one of which is very topical.


1 Student’s first in one form of accommodation or another (6)

HOSTEL :  S(student’s first,initial letter) contained in(in) HOTEL(one form of accommodation)

Defn:  Another form of accommodation, usually for students.  Some intertwining between wordplay and definition

4 Don’t mention a festival in spring (8)

PASSOVER :  PASS OVER(skip over,don’t mention)

Defn:  A Jewish festival in early spring

9 Where those who serve may be served (5)

NAAFI :  Cryptic defn:  Abbrev. for Navy Army and Air Force Institutes, an organization that caters to,serves the recreational needs of British military forces,those who serve, around the world.  It runs clubs, bars, shops, supermarkets, restaurants, cafés and other facilities at British military bases.


10 Black egg carried back by boy is shattered after flight (3-6)

JET-LAGGED :  JET(black geological material, derived from decayed wood under extreme pressure, used as gemstone) plus {reversal of(back) EGG contained in(carried … by) LAD(boy)}

Defn:  Feeling of being shattered after a long flight spanning time zones, resulting from the disturbance of your Circadian bio-rhythms

11 Hurried to compose a sad theme with variations (4,5)

MADE HASTEAnagram of(compose,with variations) A SAD THEME.  Two anagrinds?

12 Young people have pole placed in river (5)

TEENS :  N(north pole) contained in(placed in) TEES(river in northern England, rising in the Pennines and flowing into the North Sea

Defn:  Short form for “teenagers”, young people from thirteen to nineteen years of age

13 Be unable to decide if foolish woman’s slurred (6-6)

SHILLY-SHALLY :  SILLY SALLY(foolish woman) pronounced in a slurred manner, where the esshesh are not shibilant, eg. after a few.

Defn:  To dilly-dally, and perhaps be wishy-washy too

17 Enriched sand processed to make porcelain (7,5)

DRESDEN CHINAAnagram of(processed to make) ENRICHED SAND

Defn:  Also called Meissen porcelain made in the city of the same name, near Dresden, Germany.  Nice surface as porcelain is made from clay, which shares the same silicate compounds, as sand.


20 Yorkshire city comes first, by the sound of it (5)

LEEDSHomophone of(by the sound of it) leads,comes first

21 Source of fruit possibly making Eve loiter (5,4)

OLIVE TREEAnagram of(possibly making) EVE LOITER

23 Daughter put in petrol after vehicle turned back? That’s not to be reported (3,6)

SUB JUDICE :  {D(daughter) contained in(put in) JUICE(slang for energy,petrol)} placed after(after) reversal of(turned back) BUS(mass transport vehicle)

Defn:  From Latin, “under judgement”, meaning that a case is under consideration by a judge or court, and since he/she/they haven’t made up his/her/their minds, there can’t be public discussion of the pending case, ie. such comments are not to be reported.

24 Italian child ignoring no Disney film (5)

BAMBI :  BAMBIno(Italian for baby,small child) minus(ignoring) “no”.

Defn:  Tear-jerking animation film from early Disney Studios

25 Judge again finding donkeys in half of resort (8)

REASSESS :  ASSES(donkeys) contained in(finding…in) RES(half of the letters in the word “resort”).  Nice surface.

26 Material, we hear, moved to and fro (6)

SWAYEDHomophone of(we hear) suede(material with a velvet-like nap made from leather)



1 Last to be taken by the devil? (8)

HINDMOST :  Cryptic defn:  From the phrase:  “Let the devil take the hindmost”, meaning “every man for himself”, and if you’re last that’s just too bad – you’re left to be taken by the devil.

2 Is a substitute to tolerate wrongdoing? (6,2)

STANDS IN :  STAND(bear,stomach,tolerate) SIN(wrongdoing)

3 A woman liked it here? Not entirely (5)

EDITHHidden in(not entirely) likED IT Here


5 However synchronised (2,3,4,4)

AT THE SAME TIME :  Double defn:  1st: But,however,on the other hand,still; and 2nd: Together,synchronised

6 Clever Dick’s alias? (5,4)

SMART ALEC :  Cryptic defn:  Another eponym,alias for a person who irritates because he/she is, or thinks he/she is too smart, a clever Dick

7 Five argue excitedly, becoming more unclear (6)

VAGUER :  V(Roman numeral for five) plus anagram of(excitedly) ARGUE

8 Salad ingredient artist put on plate (6)

RADISH :  RA(artist,member of the Royal Academy) placed before(put on) DISH(plate)

10 Kipling’s work — only a plea for help, right? (4,2,7)

JUST SO STORIES :  JUST(merely,only as in “we are just wasting our time here”) SOS(international acronym for a plea for help) TORIES(members of the British Conservative Party, considered to at the right end of the political spectrum compared to the Labour left)

Defn:  Series of stories by Rudyard Kipling, fantastic tales of the origin of things, eg. how the camel got his hump.  The phrase is also used to describe, as a criticism of, unverifiable and unfalsifiable narrative explanations put forward for eg. a cultural practice, a biological trait or human or animal behaviour.

14 Bird joining football team in bloomers (9)

LARKSPURS :  LARK(a songbird) plus(joining) SPURS(short for Tottenham Hotspurs, one of the London football teams)


15 Card game with two spirits? Goodness gracious! (3,5)

GIN RUMMY :  GIN RUM(two spirits,liquors) MY(as in Oh my!,goodness gracious me!)

16 Cambridge eccentric losing male budgerigar, for example (4,4)

CAGE BIRDAnagram of(eccentric) CABRIDGE(“Cambridgeminus(losing) the letter M,male)

18 Shutter, so to speak, that’s not so far away (6)

CLOSER :  Whimsy(so to speak) of “shut” = “close” so “shutter” = “closer”

19 Dancing bear is from this country (6)

SERBIAAnagram of(dancing) BEAR IS

22 Joint that’s given to someone who has to leave (5)

ELBOW :  Cryptic defn:  From the phrase “to give someone the elbow” meaning to get rid of,make someone whom you want to go,who has to leave, go


10 Responses to “Guardian Quiptic 615 Orlando”

  1. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Thank you, scchua.

    Yes, Orlando will be out on the razzle tonight with two puzzles in one day. Both most enjoyable. My favourites here were SHILLY-SHALLY and SUB JUDICE, and as usual the setter has produced a good Quiptic.

    I’ve seen 6dn written as SMART ALECK, but dictionaries give both. Apparently something to do with an 1840s’ con man.

  2. Bryan says:

    Many thanks Scchua & Orlando for your second offering today.

    This one was indeed the easier of the two as you doubtless intended.

    NAAFI reminded me of my 2 years National Service when I earned only 28 shillings per week. I didn’t get any stripes, medals or even a pension either.

  3. Robi says:

    Much easier than the cryptic, so more suitable for this place.

    Thanks scchua for a nice pictorial blog. I suppose one of your connections is the Manchester drubbing of both Spurs and Arsenal. Not sure about the other one, though.

  4. Bryan says:

    Hi again Scchua

    One of your images looks like Edith Piaf, another like Edith Sitwell.

    However, I can’t figure out what they have in common. Maybe they both had a crush on Maurice Chevalier?

  5. scchua says:

    Hi Bryan, you’re right that’s Mdm Piaf and Dame Sitwell, and the one in the middle is Mrs Roosevelt, wife of former USA President Teddy Roosevelt, but apart from being named Edith, I’m afraid I’m unaware of a connection.

    Hi to Robi, too. You got the first one right. The 2nd connection is under 26A. There’s suede shoes, with “Blue Suede Shoes” a hit for Elvis Presley, the song written and originally sung by the other gentleman with a guitar, Carl Perkins, who also wrote and first sung “Matchbox”, an early hit for the Beatles.

  6. Orlando says:

    Hi scchua. Thank you for the blog. The detailed analysis of the clues is very impressive and the pictures add another dimension. Much appreciated.

  7. grandpuzzler says:

    Thanks to Orlando for the puzzle and scchua for your picturesque blog. Very late to the party today. Thanks for explaining the Edith connection. Another possibility: Edith Roosevelt’s middle name was Kermit(!). Kermit is a frog. Edith Piaf was a frog. Also, Teddy Roosevelt was known to hunt little sparrows. It all ties together. I think I’ll lie down now.


  8. scchua says:

    Thank you Orlando, for your encouragement. It’s always a fillip to discover that the setter is a visitor to the blog. (I’ve only caught up with your comment due to the time difference). And, by no means least, thanks to fellow solvers for your comments.

  9. Tyro says:

    Good show and tell blog – many thanks

  10. Derek Lazenby says:

    Just got round to this one. Spot on for a Quiptic I thought, well done Orlando, well presented scchua.

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