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Financial Times 13,768 by Monk

Posted by PeeDee on 31st August 2011


This is a good but tough crossword from Monk, I think he is one of the harder FT setters.

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Arachne / Anarche

Posted by Admin on 31st August 2011


Those of you who would like to see how Arachne/Anarche spends her spare time, and perhaps help her to achieve her goal regarding support for a good cause, should visit where there is some interesting reading.

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Independent 7761 by Crosophile

Posted by flashling on 31st August 2011


So it’s Crosophile for me today. I found this mostly straightforward with no obvious Ninas or other setter games being played which is a relief after last week’s Tees.

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Guardian nº25415, by Chifonie

Posted by Stella on 31st August 2011


Fortunately for me on the morning after a twelve-hour journey back from Dublin, there was nothing too taxing in this puzzle.

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Inquisitor 1191: A Dream Holiday by Kruger

Posted by kenmac on 31st August 2011


The preamble, rather vaguely, tells us that we need to highlight 23 squares and blank out 1 row. These items depict a musical reference and express the sentiment leading directly to the return trip – whatever that means! Also, around half the clues lead to an extra letter and around half the clues lead to a missing letter. I’ve never seen that trick before and it made the clues that extra bit tricky. Seeing as there are 43 clues, I guess that there are 23 of one type and 22 of the other. These leaders, in contiguous blocks, lead to the travellers and their chosen route.

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