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Arachne / Anarche

Posted by Admin on August 31st, 2011


Those of you who would like to see how Arachne/Anarche spends her spare time, and perhaps help her to achieve her goal regarding support for a good cause, should visit where there is some interesting reading.

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  1. Eileen says:

    Do take a look at some of the things this amazing woman has done [and is planning to do] within little more than a year of starting running marathons – and she doesn’t go for ‘normal’ ones, as you will see! – and the excellent cause she is running for.

    The ‘bad fall’ she describes in the Lochalsh Dirty Thirty in June – which could have been so very much worse – painful as it was for her, produced one good result, in that she was unable to take part in yet another challenging run just two weeks later and chose instead to join our Sloggers and Betters Do in Birmingham – what a bonus for us! And then she did a taxing mountain marathon the following week!

    [I don’t know how on earth she fits them in but she does, also, write exceedingly good crosswords. :-) ]

    Tons of good wishes to the anarchic spiderwoman, who’s obviously gotta lotta bottle [what is the Guinness record actually, I wonder?] – we must see the pictures!

  2. Arachne says:

    *blushing madly* Many thanks to Gaufrid for the mention and to Eileen for the (over-)kind words! My marathon PB is 4 hours 11 minutes, whilst the record for Running a Marathon Dressed as a Bottle (Female) is 4 hours 54 minutes, so I think I have a good chance of taking the crown! Pictures will follow (gulp).

    This is all about making a difference to children in the Gambia. In particular I’m raising money for the Barra Essau Upper Basic School on the North Bank of the Gambia River. The head teacher Mr Jallow is inspirational and the children are the keenest scholars I’ve ever seen, but facilities and supplies are minimal. Any donation at all will make *such* a difference. And if you happen to go to the Gambia on holiday you can be sure of a fabulous welcome at the school, whilst my friends over there would happily offer you the warmest hospitality – just let me know. Oh, and the school is keen to get a twinning arrangement with an English school, so if anyone out there is a teacher or parent who thinks their/their child’s school might be interested, do get in touch with me or with Pageant.

    Thanks in advance for your generosity, from me and – more importantly – from the children in Barra and Essau.
    Love and hugs, Arachne

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