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Independent 7,763/Phi

Posted by Ali on 2nd September 2011


I started solving this on late-night public transport after a few drinks and thought to myself that it seemed quite tough.

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Sloggers and Betters (Midlands) 3

Posted by Admin on 2nd September 2011


Following a three-line whip from Eileen, I am trying to organise another Midlands get-together for crossword aficionados.  Following the Brum Bash that Anax and Jayne organised, we’ll be having another Derby Day.

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Financial Times 13,788 / Redshank

Posted by shuchi on 2nd September 2011


Multiple linked clues hinge on 6d and it took me a while to get there. I started with the bottom-right of the grid and had most of the non-linked answers filled in before I cottoned on to the pivotal word and then the rest fell into place.

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Guardian 25,417 – Araucaria

Posted by Andrew on 2nd September 2011


Our favourite nonagenarian is in literary mode here, with an author and the title of several of his novels. I got the name early on, and that led to several long answers as the titles, so I finished the puzzle quite quickly. There were a few places, in the titles and elsewhere, where the answer was fairly obvious but the wordplay took some working out. There are a couple of Araucarian liberties which I mildly harrumph about below, but they didn’t detract from the enjoyment. I can’t fully explain 25ac at this time of night, so I leave it in the capable hands of early commenters.

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