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Independent 7758 Anax (Sat 27-Aug-2011)

Posted by beermagnet on 3rd September 2011


When I opened the paper on my blogging Saturday my heart sank.
Anax popped up on Saturday only 2 weeks ago so I thought I might be spared.
First pass I got 6. That is quite good for me for an Anax so was misled into thinking I might get somewhere.
In the end I tackled this in several sessions. That was necessary.
Second session: I had to call a halt after another half hour or so with only 13 clues in place. I reckoned a break might do some good. 13 does not look very much in a grid with 32 lights.
Cleared my head doing the Super Suduko on the same page – that seemed absurdly easy.
Later on I had another bash and got further, but called it a day with 8 still to solve, several entered where I didn’t understand the wordplay, and a very strong suspicion I had some in wrong.  Bottom left corner looking very empty.
Searched and searched for a Nina that might help – couldn’t find one.
Next day, threw niceties to the wind and used aids to tackle the rest. As is usual in these situations when I finally got the last couple I wondered why I hadn’t seen the answer earlier.

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Enigmatic Variations No. 981: Pub Crawl by Shark

Posted by mc_rapper67 on 3rd September 2011


Now I enjoy a good pub crawl, as much as the next (semi-)alcoholic, apart from the inevitable morning after, but I found this one particularly tough going – almost like suffering the hangover whilst you are out enjoying yourself!

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Guardian Prize Puzzle 25,412 by Araucaria

Posted by PeeDee on 3rd September 2011


Apparently there is a Bank Holiday in the south of the country this weekend so that explains the double-size puzzle, it was a bit unexpected.  I just made myself a cup of tea and finished it in half an hour…

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