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Financial Times 13,792 by Styx

Posted by PeeDee on September 7th, 2011


My apologies for a very late and rushed blog today, I hope this hasn’t inconvenienced anyone.


1 STIPENDS: S (small) TIP (gratuity) and ENDS (completes)

5 PANDAS: PAN (criticise) and SAD (moving) reversed

9 CISTERNS: STERN (rigid) inside C (carrbon) IS

10 PRESTO: REST (break) following P (piano, first letter) then O (concerto, last letter)

12 EARLY: dEARLY (at great cost) only the letters to the left (east) of the front letter

13 OVERSHOOT: SHOO (drive away) in OVERT (public)

14 SMALLS: ALL inside SMS (text message)

16 TROTTER: cryptic definition, pig’s foot which I guess it would ‘lead’ with, ie go forward, as in a dance T (leading letter of ‘the’) and ROTTER (swine) & Lit, a pig leads (starts walking/dancing) with it’s foot.  Thanks to deke for this.

18 RENAULT: AU (gold) L (last letter of medal) inside RENT (hire)

20 PISANO: hidden inside ‘bitmaP IS ANOmalous’, another name of the mathematician Fibonacci

22 CRAB APPLE: BAP (bread roll) inside PARCEL*

23 CEASE: C (cold) and EASE (comfort)

24 RAISIN: RAISINg (producing) reduced quantities=without grams

25: FINALIST: FINA (the International Swimming Federation) and LIST (tip, lean over)

26 DRYING: R, the tail-ender (last letter) of ‘opener’ inside DYING (final) – definition is ‘wilting’

27 DESTINED: ISNT* inside DEED (legal document)


1 SOCCER: C (clubs) inside SCORE*

2 INSTRUMENTALITY: (TURN IS)* with MENTALITY (thinking, understanding) – definition is ‘medium’, the means through which one does something

3 ENEMY: hidden and reversed in ‘manY MEN Eventually’

4 DINGOES: DIN (commotion) and GOES (stes off)

6 ABRASIONS: I one ON playing inside A BRASS (section of orchestra)

7 DISCONTINUATION: DISCO (dance) UNIT (group) reversed inside NATION (country)

8 SPOTTERS: POTTER (do litttle) inside SS (steam ship)

11 TENT: TENNanT (leaseholder) without ‘an’

15 LAUDATION: Niki LAUDA (famous Formula 1 racing driver) and IT reversed and ON

17 PROCURED: PRO (career sprtsman)  and CURED (no longer sick)

19 TOPS: SPOT (location) reversed

20: PRECISE: REC (record) and IS inside apPEal (middle of)

21: TESTED: DiSkETTE* with 1K removed

23 CRAFT: ARC (curved line) reversed (drawn up) on FT (paper, Financial Times)

5 Responses to “Financial Times 13,792 by Styx”

  1. deke says:

    Hi PeeDee. I think in your haste you overlooked that 16A can be read as T (leading part of “the’) + ROTTER (swine), and &lit.

  2. Sil van den Hoek says:

    There we are: TROTTER was my last entry (having made a mistake in 7d) and where PeeDee thought it was a CD, I went for a DD – but deke, you are surely right. What a clever clue.

    That said, I thought this puzzle had a real overdose of clever clues anyway. We always admire Loroso, Alberich and the like, and then say that there are “too many good clues to single out”. I think, today Styx should get the credits he deserves for an outstanding crossword.

    There were only two clues that didn’t really work for me.
    24ac: “in reduced quantities” for “less G” is one of them. I do not like the plural (of “quantities”) in this clue.
    27ac: I needed the blog to understand what was going on, but still feel uncomfortable with the word “with” in “Tail-ender with opener” – I have been criticised for a similar thing in the past and I do understand why now.

    All in all, great crossword.
    And a warm welcome back to Styx after a two-months gap!

  3. jmac says:

    Yes, a gem of a puzzle. A wide variety of clues, all clever, but with a good range of difficulty. Thanks Styx and also Peedee – bloggers contribute so much to the understanding of puzzles and the fact that you manage to do this when no doubt life intervenes is admirable.

  4. MikeC says:

    Thanks PeeDee and Styx. Enjoyed overall. I struggled with the combination of 2d and 26a, going for INSTRUMENTALIST and DOTANT. Both are proper words (the latter new to me) and mentalist is a reasonable interpretation of “medium”. Maybe some more editing needed?

  5. PeeDee says:

    Thanks to deke for the explanation of TROTTER.

    This was indeed a good crossword, unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to give it the time it deserved. Crosswords are like poetry, best appreciated slowly.

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