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Independent 7767/Dac

Posted by John on September 7th, 2011


The usual outstanding crossword from Dac. Lovely smooth surfaces and so far as I can see nothing remotely controversial.

6 FOSTER — 2 defs, one of which refers to Lord Foster
9 B(RUN)EL{l}
10 RACLETTE — (claret)* te
13 KEEP — a rare criticism here: the answer could be either keep or peek and it isn’t until one has checkers that one can be sure, even though keep was marginally more likely — not everyone approves of this type of clue
16 BO THE RING — body odour, something that may not be obvious except to those of a certain age, who knew the television advertisement when someone said in a quiet and knowing voice to his friend, “B.O.” — the Wagner operas are the Ring Cycle
18 DUMP — (p mud)rev.
20 IN HOCK — referring to a pawnbroker, known as an uncle
21 SKIP JACK — a skipjack is a fish (skipjack tuna is an example)
23 NAVIGATE — (van)rev. 1 gate — a gate is a Northern dialect word for a street, as in Eastgate etc
24 I BIZ A N
25 DIVES {Wes}T
26 TANGELOS — tang (sole)rev. — a word well-known to Countdown-watchers
2 MARQUE {n}E{w} — very clever clue, with its use of ‘brand new’
3 gorGONZOla — a new word to me — it’s US slang according to Chambers
4 ALL-DAY BREAKFAST — a l (lady)* break fast — as in holding fast
5 TERCETS — T{ennyson} (secret)*
6 FACE RECOGNITION — (CIA once to finger)*
8 EX TRE(M)E — the plane tree
14 PATRONISE — (a priest on)*
17 INSPECT — (snip)* ECT (electro-convulsive therapy)
19 MECCA NO — perhaps there should be a ® after it, but perhaps it’s now a part of the language, like Hoover
22 JU{st} ICE

6 Responses to “Independent 7767/Dac”

  1. caretman says:

    Thanks, John.

    I can add that it was a pangram.

    GONZO is probably most familiar to Americans through its relationship to Hunter S. Thompson, author of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. His style of reporting was called ‘gonzo journalism’.

  2. James says:

    21 Ac – a skipjack is a type of fishing boat from New England

  3. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Thanks, John.

    Indeed, as caretman says, a pangram. Are all the Indy setters having a pangram competition these days?

    As usual, excellent crossword from Dac. I can usually say that ‘such and such were good clues today’, but with Dac they’re just all good.

    Now that the nights are drawing in, might be tempted to do a 10ac for tea soon. GATE for ‘street’ is also Midlands: there’s a Friargate in Derby, for example.

  4. nmsindy says:

    Thanks, John, for the blog and Dac for the usual excellent puzzle. As K’s D says, hard to pick out clues as they are all good. Like John tho I esp liked MARQUEE. Not sure, how, John, you’d get the ® into a puzzle tho along with the answer…

    Guess the makers would be happy enough with the free advertising tho (if it is still around).

  5. Paul B says:

    It’s in Collins. So it must be good.

  6. Allan_C says:

    Thanks, James @2 for confirming what I had guessed.

    ‘Gate’ for ‘street’ derives from ‘gata’ found in the Scandinavian languages and is generally found in parts of the country that had a strong Viking presence.

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