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Inquisitor 1192: Dancing Girl by Augeas

Posted by HolyGhost on September 7th, 2011


Back in spring, Augeas’s first puzzle for the Listener was published, and now, before summer (?) is over, Augeas appears for the first time with an Inquisitor puzzle.
Some highlighting is to be done (a character and his destination), and the character’s probable real name is to be unscrambled and written below the grid. Otherwise, the puzzle is ‘trick-free’, i.e. no extra or missing letters in the wordplay, no misprinted definitions, no unclued entries.

The clues seemed fairly easy to solve, and I’d filled the upper 75% of the grid even before I’d looked at the rest of the clues – so, not a Herculean task. A couple of the later ones delayed me (36a and 37a), and the wordplay for another few held me up (19d, 24d and 29d). Also, one or two of the proper-name references needed confirmation. Apart from that, a fairly gentle ride, and fine for a bank holiday weekend when some of us have quite a lot going on.

The title alludes to Waltzing Matilda, and the character is SWAGMAN, found upwards in the central column, nestling neatly into the appropriately shaped BILLABONG (an ox-bow lake); the shaded letters are a jumbled version of SAMUEL HOFFMEISTER.

[XYZ]! = homophone

No. Answer Wordplay
1 COSS C(o)O(k)S + S(pecial)
8 AMAH AM (=in the morning) + AH (=my!)
11 OONT (a)N(d) in TOO rev.
12 DUOMO DUO (=couple) + MO (=very little time)
13 UEFA Hidden: (intrig)UE FA(il)
16 BULLNOSES NOSE (=proceed carefully) in BULLS (=games)
{ref.: Morris Motor Company, Oxford}
23 PRISE PRE (=before) around I (=one) + S(hilling)
26 ASIDE (b)A(r) S(w)I(n)D(l)E(s)
27 ION IO (=Galilean moon of Jupiter) + N(ew)
28 STAGIER STAR (=leading performer) around GIE (=karate costume)
31 ERA R (=80) in E (=Spain) & A(dvanced)
32 TRATT T(omato) R(adicchio) A(nd) T(agliatelle) T(oo)
34 ERBIA [BRECCIA – C(old) & C(arbon)]*
35 HAUGH A + U(unionist) in HIGH – I
36 RAFFLESIACEAE [A LIFER FACES]* + AE (=aetatis, of his age)
37 STAGYRITE ST (=saint) + A + GYTE (=child, Scots) around (ch)RI(st)
No. Answer Wordplay
1 COOL LOO (=subject to a forfeit) + C (=$100) rev.
2 SNEBBING BENS (=mounts) rev. + BING (=Bing Crosby, “old groaner”)
3 STRUTS STINTS (=spares) with IN replaced by RU (=rugby) {?}
4 ODE Hidden rev.: (emp)EDO(cles)
5 GULL GU (=old fiddle) + (wi)LL
6 AMBO AMO (=I love, Latin) around B(ishop) {is this OK?}
7 MOO M(erino) + OO (=wool, Scots)
8 AUREUS A + U(tahan) + RE-UPS (=re-enlists) – P(aying)
10 HAEM HAREM (=where concubines are kept) – R(esistance)
15 EUROCRAT [RACE RIOT]* with U(nionist) for I(ndependent)
17 NAM MAN rev. {ref.: Jacob Bronowski, The Ascent of Man}
{NAM =Namibia (IVR)
18 MADRIGAL MAD (=crazy) + RIGEL (=star) with A(nswer) for E (=ecstasy, drug)
{MADRIGAL: landlady in Armistead Maupin’s Tales of the City}
19 SPICERY ICE (=reserve) in SPRY (=florist) {Constance Spry: English flower arranger and cookery writer}
20 RET RET(ima) (=switch-plant)
21 GAE G(lasgow) A(nd) E(dinburgh)
22 REACHED EACH (=every one separately) in RED (=owing money)
24 BARF BAR (=meagre, maigre) + F(ellow)
{BARF (N Am slang) for vomit, cat =vomit}
25 GITE IT(alian) in GE(orgia)
28 SHIFT Double definition
29 GAWSY A + WS (=Writer to the Signet, solicitor) in G(allowa)Y
32 TALA A(bsent) in TLA (=Three-Letter Acronym, =UNO for example)
33 THAI [TIE]! (=restrict)


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  1. Richard King says:

    Had BARD instead of BARF and managed to find MATILDA weaving around under the BILLABONG, so stopped looking. Completely missed SWAGMAN and also had one letter wrong for the anagram. Apart from that ….great!

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