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FInancial Times 13,783 by Cincinnus

Posted by Pete Maclean on September 8th, 2011

Pete Maclean.

Prize puzzle from the Weekend FT of August 27

Here’s another great puzzle from Cincinnus with five clues that I think are especially good: 1A (MUDDLED), 18A (ANDROMEDA), 21A (IDOLS), 3D (LOSEY) and 6D (GARROTTER). There is something I do not understand about 5D.

1. MUDDLED – MUDD (another setter) + LED (was in first place)
5. LAGGARD – L (left) + [h]AGGARD (Rider, heading off). This refers to the author of, for example, “Solomon’s Mines”, Rider Haggard.
9. TEXAS – X (cross) in TEAS[e] (josh has not finished)
10. SEVERALLY – EVER (always) in SALLY (Sarah). Took me a while to get this as I did not know that Sally was a nickname for Sarahs.
11. EVERY WHIT – VERY WHITE (so pale) with E moved to the beginning (sent back to front)
12. OUTDO – OUT (garden) + DO (party). ‘Garden’ (or is it ‘for garden’?) cluing OUT seems a little questionable to me but I am probably missing some meaning.
13. SMART – double definition
15. RURITANIA – [p]URITAN (Roundhead doffing cap) in AIR (song) backwards
18. ANDROMEDA – anagram of MAN ADORED. I had to think about ‘rock’ as an anagram indicator but decided it works okay.
19. RUING – I (I) in RUNG (step)
21. IDOLS – anagram of SOLID
23. COLLAPSED – anagram of OLD PLACES
25. ON THE WING – N (knight) in [midl]OT[ian] + HEWING (using a chopper)
26. IAMBI – A (a) + MB (doctor) both in II (two)
27. MACDUFF – MAC (computer) + DUFF (not able to hack it). And if any of you think the correct quote is “Lead on, Macduff” then please look it up!
28. TRAINER – double definition

1. MUTTERS – UTTER (say) in MS (writing — i.e. manuscript)
2. DIXIELAND – DIX (number for [Maurice] Chevalier) + IE (that is) + LAND (country)
3. LOSEY – LOSE (miss) + [tand]Y. With the surface presumably referring to Jessica Tandy.
4. DISCHARGE – S[tag] + CHA[p] (penniless chap) both in DIRGE (sad song)
5. LOVAT – LOV[e] (honey, mostly) + T[oast]. And where does the ‘a’ come from?
6. GARROTTER – GAR (fish) + ROTTER (swine)
7. ALLOT – ALL (everyone) + OT (books — i.e. old testament)
8. DAYTONA – DAY (time) + TO (to) + N[orth] + A[merican]
14. TROUSSEAU – anagram of USE SURE TO
16. REAR LIGHT – EARL (lord) in RIGHT (fitting)
17. NEIL SIMON – anagram of SLIM ONE IN
18. ALIFORM – ALI (the greatest) + FORM (bed for a hare). This is a new meaning of ‘form’ to me. (From : Where a hare has been lying, a shallow depression is made, which is a bit deeper and wider at the back than at the front. This is known as a ‘form’.)
20. GODLIER – GO[n]D[o]LIER. Clever use of ‘separate’ here.
22. OPTIC – O[ffal] P[ut] T[winkle] I[n] C[at]
23. CLIFF – double definition
24. AKITA – KIT (gear) in AA (motorists’s group — i.e. the Automobile Association)

3 Responses to “FInancial Times 13,783 by Cincinnus”

  1. Rishi says:

    Re 12a

    The question mark at the end of the clue is significant.

    The setter expects us to look at OUTDO as OUT DO, that is, a DO in the OUT (‘that which is outside’ [Chambers]).

    A Madras party might be interpreted as a party in Madras.

  2. John Newman says:


    I think the FT might have made a typo. Surely Cincinnus would have written “on a slice of toast” ?



  3. Pete Maclean says:

    Rishi, Thanks for that. Just what I was missing.

    John, That’s a relief!

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