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Financial Times 13,784 – Dante

Posted by Sil van den Hoek on September 8th, 2011

Sil van den Hoek.

Monday Prize Crossword/Aug 29

I am pretty sure that Bryan will qualify this crossword as ‘very enjoyable’. And if so, I fully agree with him. Not as many cryptic definitions as on some other occasions, but all the same a very typical Dante.


1 HEDONIST The trouble about a Spaniard is he puts pleasure before work
    (THE)* around DON (a Spaniard)
5 IMPISH Mischievous Zulus quiet
    IMPI (Zulus) + SH (quiet)
9 ARTISTIC It turns its back in a curve, in an aesthetic way
    {TI (reversal of ‘it’) + STI (reversal of ‘its’)} inside A C (curve)
10   ODDS-ON The single boy in a family is very much a favourite
    ODD (single) + SON (boy)
12 TONGS Grasping secret societies?
    Double definition, more or less
13 GREATNESS A big-head celebrity
    GREAT (big) + NESS (head)
14 TISSUE Sit out with a girl in gauzy fabric
    (SIT)* + SUE (a girl)
16 NATURAL Unsophisticated old city in part of S Africa
    UR (old city) inside NATAL (part of S Africa)
19 RONDEAU Poem, an ode concocted in game
    (AN ODE)* inside RU (game – Rugby Union)
21 RUSSIA Country where you may see us in exotic sari
    US inside (SARI)*
23 PARAMEDIC   One might aid camper that’s collapsed
25 AWFUL Legitimate student expelled with dire result
    LAWFUL (legitimate) less L (student) [the first L, that is – although Dante didn’t tell us]
26 IN GEAR Dressed up and ready to go?
    Double definition with cryptic elements
27 STAIR-ROD Bar on a flight
    Cryptic definition
28 GANDHI He was partly known for his fasting and his leadership
    Hidden answer: [fastin]G AND HI[s]
29 FLANNELS Provides soft soap and face cloths for the cricket team?
    Triple definition
1 HEALTH Often drunk; too much is bad for it
    Cryptic definition
2 DETENTION It need not give rise to punishment
    (IT NEED NOT)*
3 NOSES They may be held in revulsion
    Cryptic definition
4 SHINGLE Here one comes close to the main form of English
6 MEDITATES Thinks the current recession divides friends
    EDIT (reversal of ‘tide’ (current)) inside MATES (friends)
7 ISSUE Publish and I p-prosecute
    I + S-SUE (stammer like p-prosecute)
8 HONESTLY Fairly good around the home
    HOLY (good) around NEST (home)
11 PEON Farm labourer cut flower
    PEONY (flower) less the last letter
15  STEAM BATH   Doctor seen in unusual haste at the sauna
    MB (doctor) inside (HASTE AT)*
17 REINFORCE Check the impulse to increase support
    REIN (check) + FORCE (the impulse)
18 DRIPPING Fat, and very wet
    Double definition
20 UNDO Ruin a French party
    UN (a, French) + DO (party)
21 RECITAL Article about a concert
22 BLADES They cut some of the grass
    Double definition
24 REGAN Wild anger of Lear’s daughter
25 ALIEN A right that’s legal but unacceptable
    A + LIEN (right that’s legal)

4 Responses to “Financial Times 13,784 – Dante”

  1. John Newman says:


    I had all these answers too, but unless I am missing something, the canvas does not read right for 12A, 13A, 1D and 4D.

    For eg Here one comes close to the main. OK so shingle is found on a beach which is close to the sea. But we are looking for a place aren’t we? Here…………where?


  2. Wanderer says:

    Failed on TONGS, even after having T_N_S. Never heard of a tong as a secret society.

    I had a different problem from John Newman on SHINGLE: I was convinced the answer was ESTUARY, which also parses — “Here one comes close to the main” = a river’s estuary is where it reaches the sea; and ESTUARY ENGLISH is a form of English…. this held me up for a long time.

    HEALTH and NOSES stood out as clever cryptic definitions.

    Thanks Sil and Dante.

  3. Bamberger says:

    First one in was 4d as for Wanderer. When I came to 1a that had to be hedonist. So one of them was wrong but I was convinced both were right.I think shingle is a very very weak answer.
    I thought the NW corner was hard/not good -tongs, noses, health were tricky.

  4. Sil van den Hoek says:

    Many thanks for those who commented (not the expected Bryan this time …. :)).

    Unlike John @1 I did/do not have many problems with (the surfaces of) 13ac and 1d. That said, I had to think about HEALTH for a while and wondered why ‘Often’ was there. But I think one can justify it in the first part of the clue, while it suits the second part very well.

    My last entry was TONGS (12ac). I needed a dictionary for the Chinese connection, and was not completely happy with just ‘grasping’ to define the other meaning. However, TONGS is/are an instrument that may be ‘grasping’ something, and I think the clue should be read like this. Perhaps, it was saved by the question mark at the end?

    Seeing the comments on SHINGLE (4d), I wondered why I accepted this clue as “nothing wrong with it”.
    Probably (but I don’t know anymore), I took the surface like this: “Here [in the puzzle] (is) one (that) comes close to the main”, which is IMO acceptable.

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