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Independent 7,764 by Nimrod (Saturday Prize Puzzle, 3/9/11)

Posted by Simon Harris on 10th September 2011

Simon Harris.

One doesn’t expect an easy ride from Nimrod, and we didn’t get one here. For me this was another week of having a stab at it, then waiting until the following Saturday, and trying to explain the answers given on the website.

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Enigmatic Variations 982: Follow the Instructions by Kcit

Posted by Dave Hennings on 10th September 2011

Dave Hennings.

Kcit’s last EV, Wind, was only six weeks ago and a bit of a tester. Here we had misprints which would lead to a two-word message which would show how to interpret the unclued entries.

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Guardian Prize Puzzle No 25418, by Paul

Posted by bridgesong on 10th September 2011


After last week’s stinker of a double puzzle from Araucaria, this was much easier, all the more so once the theme had been guessed (which didn’t take long).    All the “John’s” references were to songs by Elton John, and although I’m not a particular Elton fan, it was easy to guess most of them from the enumeration alone.  Many thanks to my solving partner Timon for his help with the other clues.  There were some very nice definitions and surface readings.

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