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Enigmatic Variations 982: Follow the Instructions by Kcit

Posted by Dave Hennings on September 10th, 2011

Dave Hennings.

Kcit’s last EV, Wind, was only six weeks ago and a bit of a tester. Here we had misprints which would lead to a two-word message which would show how to interpret the unclued entries.

Unlike Wind, this turned out to be a pretty easy puzzle, and the two-word message was revealed as ignore bar lines. Chambers has bar lines as two words in itself, so I think this should have been described as a three-word message! It didn’t take long to notice that the unclued entries became the names of composers when the grid bar line before or after each is removed.

Solving time: another quick week at about 1¼ hours, but entertaining nonetheless.

Definition in clue
Wrong/Wring = misprinted/corrected word in clues
A = letter poached from preceding or succeeding square
ABC* = anagram
ABC< = reversal
abCDef = hidden

No Misprint Answer Clue and Explanation
1 RELIC Hangover recipe involving couple of bits of liquid (5)
REC (recipe) holding LI (couple of bits of LIquid)
Emmanuel Chabrier, French romantic composer, 1841-1894
12 I OLEO Central part of hoot encapsulating the French imitation of owl/oil (4)
OO (central part of hOOt) holding LE (the in French)
13 ENOUNCE State opera company’s gain after dismissing head (7)
ENO (opera company, ie English National Opera) + (B)UNCE (gain)
14 SCHNITTKE Unclued
Alfred Schnittke, Russian composer, 1934-1998
15 SHARN Farm waste, mostly solid, put in tin (5)
HAR(D) (mostly solid) in Sn (tin)
16 G LEAR Kind/King of play where line’s given attention (4)
L (line) + EAR (attention)
17 REATE Water plant clogging mere at Evesham (5)
in meRE AT Evesham
20 N NEON He/Ne redrafted one note (4)
ONE* + N (note); ie He becomes Ne which is neon
22 MASSENET Unclued
Jules Massenet, French operatic composer, 1842-1912
23 ISOBASE One’s mostly serious about second line on map (7)
I (one) + SOBE(R) (serious) about A S (second)
26 SOUSA Unclued
John Philip Sousa, American composer and conductor, 1854-1932
28 ELAPS Snakes glide, tail first (5)
LAPSE (glide) with E, tail, first
31 O PAIR Dud/Duo piano tune (4)
P (piano) + AIR (tune)
34 CLOTE Plant hard to remove from dress? (5)
CLOTHE (dress) – H (hard)
36 BEETHOVEN Unclued
Ludwig van Beethoven, German composer and pianist, 1770-1827
37 R STALAGS Sinks filled with a lot of remarkable poisons/prisons (7)
SAGS (sinks) filled with TAL(L) (remarkable)
38 E FILE Frequency that is carrying start of live link/line (4)
F (frequency) + IE (that is) holding L (start of Live)
39 HONEGGER Unclued
Arthur Honegger, Swiss composer, 1892-1955
40 B RIDER Man on Aran/Arab, say, one making delivery half-heartedly (5)
RIDDER (one making delivery) with only half the number of Ds at heart
No Misprint Answer Clue and Explanation
1 ROSSINI Unclued
Gioachino Rossini, Italian composer, 1792-1868
2 ELCHI Ambassador that is up to take in Luxembourg and Switzerland (5)
IE< (that is) taking in L (Luxembourg) CH (Switzerland)
3 LEHAR Unlcued
Franz Lehár, Austrian composer, 1870-1948
4 CHINAMAN Aggressively question article about morning delivery (8)
CHIN (aggressively question) AN (article) about AM (morning); a chinaman is a type of delivery by a left-arm bowler in cricket
6 A ANTRES Poetic coves/caves not enthralled by Greek god (6)
NT (not) surrounded by ARES (Greek god)
7 BOKO Bloke put on canvas — by punch here? (4)
BO (bloke) + KO (put on canvas); boko is the nose, so “by punch here” refers to being hit on the nose
8 R RUELLE Regret involving railroad in deception/reception (6)
RUE (regret) involving ELL (railroad)
9 IN RE Anger about Nationalist is concerning (2,2)
IRE (anger) about N (Nationalist)
10 ECTASES Gradually manoeuvres around court revealing instances of abnormal stretching (7)
EASES (gradually manoeuvres) about CT (court)
11 REGRET Deplore hunter finally going after bird? On the contrary (6)
EGRET (bird) before R (hunteR finally)
13 ETAT Worry about tense state (4)
EAT (worry) about T (tense)
17 L ROOF Run out of beads/leads (4)
RO (run out) + OF
18 ISSACHAR Jewish group‘s cash is distributed by Arab (8)
(CASH IS)* + AR (Arab)
19 ONUS British avoiding extra responsibility (4)
BONUS (extra) – B (British)
21 I ESPARTO Spawn’s/Spain’s product ruined seaport (7)
23 IMPISH Mum follows warriors, being mischievous (6)
SH (mum, ie silent) after IMPI (warriors)
24 BURBLE Incoherent speech city area allowed to go unfinished (6)
BURB (city area) + LE(T) (allowed)
25 SEA-EGG Marine creature one, say, found among local marsh plants (6, hyphenated)
A (one) EG (say, ie, for example) in SEG (marsh plants)
27 TAVENER Unclued
John Tavener, British composer, b1944
29 N LETS Rests/Rents like this, each losing heart (5)
30 STELE Stone tablet‘s very hard, left in slightly higher position (5)
STEEL (very hard) with L (left) in higher position, ie moved up one space in a down entry
32 IRAN Arab country‘s wet weather having one moving (4)
RAIN (wet weather) with I moving (to the top)
33 E PEAG American broad/bread, one getting stuck into brandy and soda (4)
A (one) in PEG (brandy and soda); peag is Native American shell money
35 S OVID Nothing against one day being writer with output of Verne/verse (4)
O (nothing) V (against) I (one) D (day)

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