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Azed 2049/Partypooper

Posted by ilancaron on September 11th, 2011

Solved intermittently at my desk at work while waiting for something or other.  Needed the BRB more than usual it seemed but maybe I have a short memory.

11 CA,ECA – rev(ace). Blind pouch indeed and CA=Scots drive (call)
12 CAR,NOSE – fleshy — and a slightly humorous description of a large nose I suppose.
13 AMB(E)RY – ambry is a dresser
15 CHIV[alry] – shiv=knife
16 F(O)ULEST – fulest is Scot drunk I suppose
17 TSOTSI – S. Afr. thug. rev(is, tost=tossed=flung)
19 RYEROLL – “a dark treacly cookie”.  Comp. anag. (wise up, RYEROLL)* = (yellower, sirup)
21 SIPHONAPTERAN – siphonaptera is the the flea order of insects – (hopper an ant is)*
23 SEXED UP – EX in dupe’s*
27 CHADOR – hidden
29 P(O)U,ROUT – Scots wedding treat. O in rev(up) and rout=root=grub
30 ROAD=”rowed”
32 O,R(GANU)M – organon (“method of investigation”).  (a gun)* in RM = Royal Marine = jolly
33 G(YNA)E – abbrev(gynaecology).  rev(eg=say in any)
34 P(REST)RESSED – strengthened but “not reinforced” and rest=reserve fund.

1 S(CAFF)S – caff=cafe and scaff=scarf
2 CAMOGIE – hurling for women. (game I, CO)*
3 [we]RE,BUS[y] – ref.  not totally sure about the wordplay though: “Detective – were we lost with one, missing Yard?”
4 WARES – hidden
5 THY(SAN)UROUS – san.=hospital in (hurts you)*.  Thysanura = “order of small wingless insects”
6 PARTYPOOPER – this week’s competition word
7 PRYSE – R in espy*.  “a horn-blast at the taking or killing of a deer”
8 ENC(OR)ES – or in scene*
9 [cr]ISIS – ref. The Isis which hosts punters from Oxford.
10 DEVIL – also a firework.  rev(lived=spent)
14 S(TRAP)PY – has lots of thongs
18 C(HEDDA)R – ref. HEDDA Gabler.
20 LACU(NA)E – N/A in (a clue)*
22 NUT,TED – ref. (Brit) National Union of Teachers.  And TED was a bad boy in the 50s.
23 S,C,ROD – young cod
24 DONNE – ref. John DONNE and Spenserian work at I suppose.
25 BUL(G)E – g in blue*.  Kind of an &lit I suppose — assuming pre-partum depression?
26 KO,ANS – rev(OK)
28 H,OR,N – ref. horns of a dilemma.  “limits [of] human” = H or N.

3 Responses to “Azed 2049/Partypooper”

  1. sidey says:

    Thank you for the blog ilancaron.

    In 3d, the ‘busy’ is slang for a detective, the self-referential ‘one’ in the clue.

  2. Andrew says:

    Thanks Ilan. I think 16ac is FOU (scots drunk) + LEST (Spenserian “listen” = [at]tend)

  3. The Trafites says:

    Ref. 3dn, the full parsing is ‘WERE we lost = RE’ + BUS(y)(as sidey states above).

    I actually managed to cobble up a clue this week, the first since several comps. ago.


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