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Guardian 25,425 – Rufus

Posted by manehi on 12th September 2011


The usual gentle but pleasant start to the week from Rufus. Favourite was 15

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Guardian Quiptic N° 617 by Nutmeg

Posted by PeterO on 12th September 2011


I have blogged a couple of Quiptics by Nutmeg before, and they each have their own character. In this one, I think she has hit the Quiptic target squarely, with clues going for concision rather than elaborate storytelling, seamless surfaces, and a wide variety of cryptic devices.
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Independent 7771/Quixote

Posted by Pierre on 12th September 2011


Bonjour!  Slightly confused, since we had a Quixote last week and up till now he’s been fortnightly, with a range of other Indy setters giving us a Monday offering in between.  However, ours is not to reason why, to misquote Tennyson, and I’m not complaining about having to blog another very pleasing puzzle by Mr M.

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Independent on Sunday 1125 – Raich

Posted by Uncle Yap on 12th September 2011

Uncle Yap.

Sorry, folks, with all the recent events in my life this last couple of weeks; including a trip to China plus a retinal operation last Friday, this has completely escaped my mind. I do apologise for my tardiness and thank our ever-vigilant Gaufrid for his reminder. Anyway, this is an easy solve with no hard-boiled egg. Solved and blogged all within an hour.

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Private Eye/Cyclops 451 – Prison ambience

Posted by beermagnet on 12th September 2011


I expect newcomers to the Eye Crossword would find this tricky but to us long time Eye solvers this was a classic of its type.

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