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Independent on Sunday 1125 – Raich

Posted by Uncle Yap on September 12th, 2011

Uncle Yap.

Sorry, folks, with all the recent events in my life this last couple of weeks; including a trip to China plus a retinal operation last Friday, this has completely escaped my mind. I do apologise for my tardiness and thank our ever-vigilant Gaufrid for his reminder. Anyway, this is an easy solve with no hard-boiled egg. Solved and blogged all within an hour.

1 CALAIS Cha of C (cold) A LA (like or in the manner of from French) IS (island) for a northern French city/port
5 MIMOSA Ins of I’M (I am) + OS (outsize or very big) in MA (Massachusetts, US state)
10 AIRMAIL *(FAMILIAR minus Female)
11 RELEASE RE (concerning) LEASE (contract to let a property)
12 BOATER BOASTER (one fancying himself) minus S (small)
13 MINISTER Ins of NI (Northern Ireland, a province with six counties, we are constantly reminded) in MISTER (form of address for a man)
18 JACK OF ALL TRADES *(LAD’S FLAT JOKE + SCAR, answer to 26 minus S, specialist)
24 TENDERLY TENDER (offer) LadY minus A Daughter
25 SENATE Ins of N (new) in SEAT (Parliamentary constituency) + E (English)
27 EQUATOR Ins of *(QUOTA) in ER (Elizabeth Regina, ruler) My COD for the misleading def
28 CHEMISE CHEMIST (scientist) minus T (temperature) + E (first letter of experiment)
29 PREPAY Cha of P (pressure) REP (Representative or salesman) AY (agree)
30 ROTATE Ins of TAT (inferior material) in ROE (eggs of fish)

2 ABREAST Cha of AB (able-bodied seaman) R (right) EAST (direction)
3 AMATEUR Cha of A MATE (decisive move in chess) UR (ancient city) for an enthusiast or admirer (Chambers) I never knew that until this puzzle
4 SOLE dd
5 MARTINGALE MA (mother) + *(ALTERING) for a strap passing between a horse’s forelegs, fastened to the girth and to the bit, noseband or reins, to keep its head down;
6 MILLION Cha of MILL (factory) ION (charged particle)
7 STARTER S (small, repeating the same device as 12Across) TARTER (more acidy)
8 LAMBDA LAMB (one easily deceived) DA (District Attorney, lawyer from USA)
9 PETROL PET (favourite) ROLE (part) minus E.
14 METALLURGY M (Mike?) ETAL (rev of LATE) LURGY (non-specific disease)
16 TEA ATE (consumed) with first letter moved to the end
17 ACE A (last letter of Tsonga, a French tennis player) CE (this in French as Roland Garros is the home of the French Open in Paris)
19 CONQUER Sounds like CONKER ( horse chestnut (or formerly a snail shell) threaded on a string and used in the game of conkers, in which each player tries to break their opponent’s by hitting it with their own)
20 ONE-STEP Cha of O (love) NEST (Robin’s home) EP (extended play, one of those vinyl recordings played at 45 rpm from days gone by) Gosh, what happy memories of my childhood days. Nostalgia isn’t what it used to be (sigh)
22 DIARIST DIAR (rev of RAID, attack) + *(SIT)
23 STEREO Ins of E (Earl) in *(STORE)
26 SCAR OSCAR (award) minus first letter

Key to abbreviations
dd = double definition
dud = duplicate definition
tichy = tongue-in-cheek type
cd = cryptic definition
rev = reversed or reversal
ins = insertion
cha = charade
ha = hidden answer
*(fodder) = anagram

2 Responses to “Independent on Sunday 1125 – Raich”

  1. Hypnos says:

    Like Uncle Yap, I was not too familar with the other meaning of 3 down – which held me up a bit in the NW corner.
    In all, not too difficult a puzzle and very enjoyable to solve. Favourite clues CALAIS and MARTINGALE.

  2. Les Mckeehan says:

    I really like the taste of horse chestnut. I use it on my special diet. They really taste great and they are full of vitamins and minerals too. ‘`.”,

    Enjoy your weekend!

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