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Financial Times 13797 Jason

Posted by scchua on 13th September 2011


The last Jason I blogged, I commented that I had enjoyed all his puzzles to date.  Today’s carries on the trend.  I did find it a bit harder at first, as I could only find scattered answers.  Part of the problem was my first one in, 13A was incorrect.  In the end, it was definitely an enjoyable experience, with some excellent surfaces and misdirections. Definitions are underlined in the clues.  Hidden connections are in 2 of the picture sets.

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Guardian 25,426 – Brummie

Posted by Uncle Yap on 13th September 2011

Uncle Yap.

Sorry if this blog comes out later than normal. I was watching the enthralling final of the US Open between Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal when the daily puzzles became available on-line. In between the match I used the one-minute breaks to solve what I thought was today’s assignment. When Djokovic finally triumphed and it was time to blog, I found I had completed the Times 24953 instead of Brummie in the Guardian. Sheesh

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Independent 7772/Tyrus

Posted by John on 13th September 2011


Phew. This was hard. I laboured over it and only got there in the end after giving up at times and pressing Reveal. If I hadn’t I’d have been up all night and you would never have had a blog.

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