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Financial Times no.13,799 by DOGBERRY

Posted by Ringo on September 15th, 2011


A neat little puzzle from Dogberry (‘Do not forget to specify, when time and place shall serve, that I am an ass’ – Much Ado, Act V Scene I). I felt it could have done with a little more variation, but it’s a sunny morning, so who’s complaining?


1. GLANDERS  Ganders [birds, male geese] incorporating l(eft) to give a disease of livestock (a word I only know thanks to PG Wodehouse’s school sausages that were ‘made not from contented pigs but from pigs which had expired, regretted by all, of glanders, the botts and tuberculosis’)

5. OPPOSE  Op [opus, work] + pose [sit (for a portrait)]

10. LARVA  La [note] incorporating a + RV [Revised Version (of the Bible)] to give an insect’s early form

11. CANTONESE  Cane [rod] incorporating tones [inflections] to give a Chinese language

12. ALLIGATOR  All [totally] + Igor [Russian man’s name] incorporating T(urk)

13. OFTEN  Of ten [decimal] – smart little clue

14. SORREL Delicious herb hidden in klingSOR RELuctantly

15. PARAPET  Part [character] incorporating ape [impersonator]

18. SELFISH  Sh [as in shhh!, be silent] incorporating anagram of flies

20. DEPUTY  Duty [obligation] incorporating reversal of PE [Physical Education, games]

22. RETCH (W)retch [low-lifer]

24. LEVIATHAN  Anagram of heat anvil to give the Biblical beast

25. STAIRHEAD  St(reet) [way] + airhead [bimbo]

26. BRUNT  B [second-rate, as in B-team or B-list] + runt [weakling]

27. ORNATE  Orate [talk] incorporating n(ame)

28. FRUMPISH  Fish [drinker – as in, one who drinks like a fish] incorporating rump [bum]


1. GALWAY  Gal [lass] + way [trail] to give the Irish flautist Sir James Galway

2. APRIL FOOL  A + pool [game] incorporating reveral of flir(t) [coquette]

3. DJANGO REINHARDT  Anagram of O the grand jardin to give the great digitally-challenged jazz guitarist (perfect for a sunny September day)

4. RECITAL  Real [authentic] incorporating reversal of tic [twitch]

6. PHOTOGRAPH ALBUM  Anagram of borough map plath

7. OVERT  Reversal of Trevo(r) [boy’s name]

8. ETERNITY  (D)eity [God] incorporating tern [bird]

9. ENTRAP  Reversal of partne(r) [sidekick]

16. PATCHOULI  Patch [territory] + oui [‘yes’ in French’] incorporating L(uxembourg) to give the hippie-friendly perfume

17. ESPRESSO  Esso [oilmen] incorporating pres(s) [(news)papers]

19. HOLLER  (C)holer [anger] incorporating L [learner, student]

20. DIVIDER  Diver [submariner] incorporating id [primordial urges, in Freudian psychology]

21. SNATCH  S(mack) + natch [of course – ‘naturally’ in yuppie-speak]

23. TWAIN  Double definition to give the pen-name of Samuel Clemens


3 Responses to “Financial Times no.13,799 by DOGBERRY”

  1. mike04 says:

    Many thanks for the blog, Ringo.

    The DOWN clues seemed to hold me back a bit today. When solving, I was rather surprised
    to meet three Subtraction Clues in a row: 7dn TREVO(R), 8dn D(E…ITY) and 9dn PARTNE(R).
    Then I noticed another three: 2dn AP(RIL F)OOL, 17dn ES(PRES)SO and 19dn C(HO…LER).

    22ac W(RETCH) is another one. So, if I’ve counted correctly, you had to rack your brains
    (at least) seven times for a “longer-than-necessary” word in today’s puzzle!

    Ringo, in 12ac, A+T(urk) is incorporated.

  2. scchua says:

    Thanks Ringo and Dogberry.

    Don’t see much of this setter, but this was enjoyable. Liked 21D SNATCH, 12A ALLIGATOR, and 3D DJANGO REINHARDT, one of my favourites, for which thanks for the link – remarkable what just 2 fingers can do!

    Pedant’s corner: regardless what the linked website says, Cantonese, strictly, is a dialect along with the other Chinese dialects like Hokkien and Shanghainese. As it says in the website itself, Cantonese is an “oral language” which to me means a dialect rather than a language.

  3. Eileen says:

    Thanks for the blog, Ringo, and Dogberry for the puzzle.

    I’ve nothing to add, except for the observation that I made on my blog on the Guardian [Orlando] thread that there’s a rather remarkable coincidence between 21dn here and 19dn there – in very similar positions in the grid.

    It’s late enough now, I think, to spell it out.

    Dogberry [or Shed, as I know you – even though I did ‘Much Ado’ for A Level – and you seem a little more gentle over this side]: ‘Kidnap smackhead, of course’

    Orlando: ‘Melodic fragment is small, of course’

    Interesting that the definitions were so different but the wordplay so similar.

    As I said earlier, ‘both very good clues, of course’. 😉

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