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Financial Times 13,800 / Orense

Posted by shuchi on September 16th, 2011


A quick solve today. There were a few touches of wit (1d, 2d) but I am rather underwhelmed by the crossword overall. 1a seems to have an error and a couple of other clues look questionable.


1 BLINDMANS BUFF BLIND MAN (one who cannot see) BUFF (polish); I cannot see where the ‘S’ comes from.  Blindman’s buff is a children’s game in which one player is blindfolded and tries to catch the other players.
9 RACKETS RACKET (noise) S (son). 19d BALL GAME is the definition. The charade breakup RACKET+S isn’t the most elegant, I think.
10 FUNKING FUN (merry) KING (monarch). Easily solved from the wordplay, this was a new word for me.
11 DUDES E (energy) in DUDS (flops)
12 MORATORIA ORATOR (speaker), in AIM (target) reversed
13 MONOPOLY MONO (single) POLY (technical college once). ‘Poly’ is short for polytechnic, a type of teaching institution that existed in UK before the passage of the Further and Higher Education Act 1992. More on polytechnics here.
15 ARDENT DEN (study) in ART (painting)
18 PASTIS PS (note ie post script) around ASTI (Italian white wine). Pastis is an anise-flavored alcoholic drink from France.
19 BALL GAME B (book) ALL (everyone) GAME (spirited enough)
24 SCARE CAR (vehicle) in SE (London area, short for South East London)
25 HIPPIES HIPS (joints) around PIE (pastry). I like the pun on the word ‘joint’ but I wish Orense had found a way to work this into a proper all-in-one clue. Not too happy that the word is doing double-duty in the wordplay and definition.
26 AMERICA (CRIME)* in AA (non-drinkers – Alcoholics Anonymous)


2 INCIDENTS IN (popular) CID (detectives) (SENT)*
3 DEEDS DEE (river) D[eposit]S
4 ASSEMBLE RESEMBLE (look like) – RE (soliders) + A S (second)
5 SAFARI SARI (dress) around FA (footballers, short for Football Association).
6 UNNATURAL UN (‘Nice’ one ie one in French) NATURAL (not sharp or flat, refer accidentals in musical notation)
7 FRIAR FR (father) I (one) A R (run)
8 AGHAST hidden in ‘mailbAG HAS Them’, but does “discovering” aptly indicate the hidden word? I am not convinced.
14 PRICE LIST PRI (regular letters from ‘PeRmIt’) CE (church) LIST (register)
16 EMANATION NATION (people) below E (English) MA (master)
17 BACKLASH LA (city, Los Angeles) SH (quiet), after BACK (defender)
18 PLIGHT P[lay] LIGHT (fire)
20 ELEVATE E (English), VAT (tax) in LEE (general i.e. General Lee)
21 PARSON P (quiet) ARSON (fire-raising)
23 TYPOS sounds like ‘TYPE Os’ (people in blood group)

2 Responses to “Financial Times 13,800 / Orense”

  1. Joe says:

    I think I also had the same problems as Shuchi and at least one more: in 20D, the use of small letter ‘g’ for General, when a capital letter is supposed to be used. I think this is the reverse of false capitalisation and would not work.

  2. Rishi says:

    I would think that ‘discovering’ is an acceptable hid. ind.

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