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Azed 2050 – 11 September 2011

Posted by duncanshiell on September 18th, 2011


It seemed to me that this puzzle had more than the usual helping of everyday words, or words I have met in crosswords before such that I was able to solve a good deal of it without recourse to Chambers to check the meaning of entries.  






There were, of course, a number of words that I did not know immediately, such as BATTERO, PONDOK, TROLLY, MANGONEL, MOTUS, BOGAN and ARABIN although all were deducible fairly easily from the wordplay and the crossing letters.

You will note that I cannot provide a convincing explanation of the wordplay for the final down entry SYNOD.  I look forward to being told how silly I am not to see the interpretation that will be clear to everyone else.

There were a few references to speed in the puzzle, with two racing drivers (or even three if you consider father and son) and a reference to amphetamines.

This blog has been posted from rural Italy using a fairly flaky internet connection which doesn’t like web sites with lots of pictures and graphics, so I have not been able to do all the research I would have liked to have done.  

 No.   Clue   Wordplay   Entry 
1 Fishing, immediately catches this tiddler? (5) Hidden word in (catches) FISHING IMMEDIATELY GIMME (a very short putt [tiddler] in golf that opponents concede on the grounds that it will not be missed)
7 Groundwork, soft, unaltered (5) B (soft, as in the type of lead in a pencil) + AS IS (unaltered) BASIS (groundwork)
11 Dye, cobalt, seeped inside a great deal (8) CO (chemical symbol for cobalt) + (RAN [seeped] contained in [inside] LOT (great deal]) COLORANT (dye – Chambers is happy with the American spelling of COLOR)
12 Questionable club cricketer at the wicket with no score (7) BATTER (cricketer at the wicket) + O (zero; no score) BATTERO ( a Shakesperean word that is a rarely used [and questionable] variant of BALLOW [a cudgel], possibly a misprint for BATON)
13 Clothes, old – Victorian rubbish (5) GARB (clothes) + O (old) GARBO (garbage, Australian  usage[Victorian, Victoria being one of the Australian states])
14 Chemical used in purifying contaminated ale tun (6) Anagram of (contaminated) ALE TUN ELUANT (chemical used in purifying)
15 Subtropical fruit, less OK, chef served after syrupy cake (6) BABA (small cake soaked in a rum syrup; syrupy cake) + COOK (chef) excluding (less) OK BABACO (subtropical fruit)
16 E.g. Marley (dead) reappears and Scrooge trembles, alarmed initially (5) First letters of (initially) REAPPEARS AND SCROOGE TREMBLES ALARMED RASTA (reference Bob Marley, now deceased [dead] reggae singer and RASTAfarian)
18 Violet (American) tends Rod, poorly, in grips of fever (12,apostrophe) Anagram of (poorly) TENDS ROD contained in (in grips of) AGUE (fever) ADDER’S-TONGUE  (North American name for dog’s-tooth violet)
20 Sconce for one retiring from dictionary work? (12) CHAMBERS (reference Chambers dictionary and the fact that retiring is another term for going to bed to sleep) + TICK (the cover of a mattress, hence another reference to sleeping and retiring) CHAMBERSTICK (candlestick [sconce] that can be carried [to the bedroom])
25 Patriarch, English, captivated by Stirling? (5) E (English) contained in (captivated by) MOSS (reference Stirling Moss, racing driver) MOSES (an example of a patriarch)
28 Crude dwelling producing nasty smell – tidy inside (6) DO (tidy) contained in (inside) PONK (variant of PONG [nasty smell]) PONDOK (crude dwelling)
29 Patterned lace – Judy’s famous clanger? (6) TROLLY (reference Judy Garland song ‘clang clang clang went the trolley’ – a variant spelling of trolley is TROLLY, hence the ‘?’ in the clue) TROLLY (patterned lace)
30 You may find this Christian is out of place in Tunisia (5) Anagram of (out of place) TUNISIA excluding (out of) IS.   ‘out of’ seems to be doing double duty here UNIAT (a member of any community of Christians, particularly in Eastern Europe or Asia, that acknowledges Papal supremacy, but is allowed to retain its own customs and practices in regard to all else)
31 Romance includes this sexiness, Alison so going for it! (7) IT (sex appeal; sexiness) + ALISON with SO replaced by (going for) A (it) ITALIAN (one of the Romance languages that developed out of popular Latin.  Probably also a reference to the stereotypical sexiness of Italians))
32 Perrier? Chap, faint, given litre (8) MAN (chap) + GONE (faint) + L (litre) MANGONEL (a medieval war engine for throwing stones.  A perrier is a similar machine or gun firing stones)
33 George wretchedly abandoning love for fly-by-night? (5) Anagram of (wretchedly) GEORGE excluding (abandoning) O (zero; love [no score in tennis]) EGGER (moth; fly-by-night)
34 Benny Hill went at this! (5) SPEED (Benny is another name for an amphetamine tablet, as is SPEED) SPEED (another racing driver going at speed, you can use from Graham Hill or his son Damon Hill)
 No.   Clue   Wordplay   Entry 
1 One scoffing good Brie served crackers (5) G (good) + an anagram of (served crackers) BRIE GIBER (one who scoffs)
2 Muslim festival involving a boy I had got muddled (8, 2 words) Anagram of got muddled) I HAD containing (involving) A LAD (a boy) ID AL-ADHA (Muslim feast of sacrifice, celebrating Abraham’s sacrifice of his son)
3 Small atolls tsunami got? Could be giant ones (5) TSUNAMI  GOT is an anagram of (could be) GIANT MOTUS where GIANT is given in the clue and MOTUS is the entry.  A compound anagram. MOTUS (small reef islands in the South Pacific; small atolls, which, of course, are at significant risk from Pacific tsunamis)
4 Had meal below joined grinding stone (6) MET (joined) + ATE (had meal) METATE (In Mexico, a stone with a concave surface,used in conjunction with a mano [a stone roller] to grind maize or other grain; grinding stone)
5 Eastern monarch after throne’s peculiarly magnetic (12) Anagram of (peculiarly) THRONE’S + E (eastern) + KING (monarch) NORTH-SEEKING (turning towards the earth’s magnetic north pole)
6 Inveterate tourist, swine after goblet’s drunk (12) Anagram of (drunk) GOBLET + ROTTER (swine) GLOBETROTTER (an inveterate tourist)
7 Quiet backwater, one joining muskeg? (5) BOG (muskeg [swamp or marsh]) + AN (one) BOGAN (quiet backwater)
8 Early harvest in Angola yielding gum ingredient (6) RABI (spring grain harvest in India and Pakistan) contained in (in) AN (international vehicle registration for Angola) ARABIN (essential ingredient in gum Arabic)
9 It’s played in ragas (7) Anagram of (played) IN RAGAS SARANGI (Indian stringed instrument.  A raga is a traditional Hindu musical form)
10 Post dialectically translatable as ‘posto’ (5) Anagram of (translatable as) POSTO STOOP (a post in some dialects)
17 Liverish about wind getting up in Maidenhead? (8) PUCE (brownish-puple, a colour people can go when they are irritable or liverish) containing (about) GALE (wind) reversed (getting up) PUCELAGE (virginity; maidenhead)
19 Repair work, task involving disorderly inn (7) DARG (a day’s work; task) containing (involving) an anagram of (disorderly) INN DARNING (repair work)
21 E.g. Prospero hides identity in crisis time for author? (6) MAGE (magician; descriptive of Prospero) containing (hides) ID (identity) MID-AGE (Shakesperean [author] word for ‘middle age'; reference mid-life crisis)
22 Place round WC all upside-down – prepare with kit to fix it? (6, 2 words) (PUT [place] containing [round] LOO [WC] all reversed (all upside-down) TOOL UP (prepare with kit [to fix WC])
23 Throw up once having ingested slice of mushroom – do so frothily? (5) SPUE (an old word [once] for vomit [throw up]) containing (having ingested) the first letter M of (a slice of) MUSHROOM) SPUME (verb: to foam; to do frothily)
24 Way of proceeding on minor peak requires such nerve (5) MO (modus operandi; way of proceeding) + TOR (hill; minor peak) MOTOR (reference motor nerve)
26 Trim last off excessive body matter (5) SLIM (trim) + final letter E of (last off) EXCESSIVE SLIME (matter, especially as forming the human body)
27 State are centrally denied approval for council (5) I am defeated by the wordplay on this one.  I can offer SD for South Dakota as an American State.  NO is ‘denied approval’, but I am left with the Y unaccounted for.  Chambers tells me that the suffix Y forms nouns defining a state. but that doesn’t seem to help.  Also, I am not sure why we have the plural verb ‘are ‘ in the clue.  All in all, I am stumped by this.  I am sure someone will point out the blindingly obvious after the blog is published. SYNOD (an ecclesiastical council)

7 Responses to “Azed 2050 – 11 September 2011”

  1. NeilW says:

    Thanks, Duncan.

    For 27, how about: S(a)Y “State centrally denied” NOD “approval”? Not entirely sure because I, too, can’t explain the use of “are” instead of “is” in the clue.

    I don’t quite understand where the second A in ITALIAN comes from?

  2. Pelham Barton says:

    Thanks Azed for an entertaining crossword and Duncan for the blog, but did you really intend to include seven of the answers in the preamble that can be seen on the home page of this website?

    For 27dn I can fill in the gap in NeilW’s explanation @1:
    State = SAY
    are = A (unit of area)
    State are centrally denied = SY
    approval = NOD

  3. Pelham Barton says:

    Re 30ac: I took at as a composite anagram UNIAT + IS out of place in TUNISIA.

  4. Pelham Barton says:

    Correction to 3: “took it” not “took at”.

  5. duncanshiell says:

    Thanks for the comments so far and the explanation of SYNOD.

    For the second A in ITALIAN, I stick to my interpretation that SO in ALISON is replaced by A where A means ‘it’ (SO going for [replaced by] it)

    I apologise for the answers in the preamble initially, but a poor internet connection meant that a preview took too long to load. I have put more spaces in now, but even that took 15 minutes to apply successfully. Comments seem to load more quickly than an update of the blog.

  6. Pelham Barton says:

    Thanks Duncan for sorting out the preamble. I do understand the frustrations of a slow internet connection.

  7. Richard Heald says:

    Re the clue to 31Ac, it’s worth pointing out that Azed’s wife is called Alison!

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