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Independent on Sunday 1126: Hypnos

Posted by jetdoc on September 18th, 2011


Nothing too challenging this week, but a pleasant solve nonetheless.

1 REPUBLICAN Palin, perhaps, is traveller in a club abroad
REP = traveller; *(in a club). Don’tcha just love her? Er, no. Michael Palin’s nice, though.
6 SWOP Exchange in prisoners recalled
POWs (prisoners or war) reversed
10 AINTREE Course popular when entering a service, say
IN = popular; in A TREE. The service is a Eurasian tree (Sorbus domestica) similar to the rowan, with apple- or pear-shaped fruits used since Roman times to make an alcoholic drink (also called sorb); or a related European tree (wild service), Sorbus torminalis, somewhat like a maple, with clusters of round fruits.
11 ARIZONA Number touring limited region? Hot region
ARIA = number (song); ZON[e]
12 LEAN-TO Six-footer staying in house and shed
ANT = six-footer; LEO = one of the astrological houses, or signs of the Zodiac
13 ESCAPEES Witness step to restrict inmates lately being withdrawn — these might result?
SEE PACE (witness step) reversed; S = last letter of ‘inmates’
15 MOTHER-OF-PEARL Shell might include this sort of a home for petrol, nothing less
*(a hme for petrol) — anagram without one of the Os
18 SCANDALMONGER Study look about male in peril — origin of hurtful gossip?
SCAN = study; LO = look; around M = male; in DANGER
20 COERCION Top reptile imbued with energy coming back in force
NO 1 CROC, reversed; with E = energy. Definition: force
21 STREAM Trail group of students
Double definition
24 EWE-NECK Condition of horse in brass behind tree, we hear
NECK = brass (cheek); EWE sounds like “yew”. A thin concave neck in horses.
25 BALFOUR Old PM, figure behind revolutionary scientific establishment
FOUR; behind LAB, reversed
26 DUSK Daughter facing river in twilight
D = daughter; facing USK = river
27 ARCTIC TERN Cretin with cart unsettled bird
*(cretin cart)
1 REAR LAMP Peer into part of castle lacking art or aid to vision?
EARL = peer; in RAMP[art]
2 PINTA Drink held by chap in tavern
Hidden in ‘chap in tavern’
3 BURY THE HATCHET Northern town taken with old PM largely restraining ambassador and leader of town to make peace
BURY = northern town; THATCHE[r] (boo! hiss!); HE = ambassador (His Excellency); T = leader of town
4 IDEA Assistant has first put down plan
AIDE with the first letter moved down to the end
5 ADAM’S APPLE Mother introducing juice quietly amid beer — such is moved during drinking?
DAM = mother; SAP = juice; PP = quietly; in ALE = beer. The projection of the thyroid cartilage in front of the throat, traditionally supposed to be part of the forbidden fruit stuck in Adam’s throat
7 WOODEN LEG Pin that’s not genuine?
Double meaning of ‘pin’
8 PRAISE Artist is engaged in exercise to get approval
RA = artist; IS; in PE = exercise
9 VICAR APOSTOLIC Nominal minister improvised a solo civic part
*(a solo civic part). Formerly, one to whom the Pope delegated some remote portion of his jurisdiction; now usually a titular bishop appointed to a country where there are no sees; a titular bishop exercising authority in a vacant see or during the bishop’s incapacity.
14 GOOD-LOOKER Dish in sound oven chef initially made to be large
GOOD = sound; COOKER (oven) with C (chef initially) made to be L = large
16 TASTELESS Vulgar woman harbouring terrible tales
TESS = woman; *(tales)
17 TRIMARAN Neat American managed boat
TRIM = neat; A = American; RAN = managed
19 SCREED Singular set of beliefs found in long passage
S = singular; CREED set of beliefs. A long passage of text
22 EMOTE Reveal excessive feeling in book on iPad that’s brought up?
E TOME (electronic book) reversed
23 ABUT Touch instrument in turn
TUBA reversed

3 Responses to “Independent on Sunday 1126: Hypnos”

  1. Wanderer says:

    I agree that this was a pleasant solve but unlike you I found it really quite challenging — certainly more so than we have become used to on a Sunday. Some of the clues (BURY THE HATCHET, SCANDALMONGER) had constructions which I found quite complicated, and I fell for plenty of misdirections. For example the use of traveller in the Palin clue made me think Michael, not Sarah; and the chef/oven references in the Dish clue had me looking for a culinary dish, rather than the one I eventually found. And one (to me) obscurity in EWE NECK which was nonetheless gettable from the clever wordplay.

    Have others found that the IoS is switching to a policy of consistently tougher puzzles? If so I find it a very welcome development. This one hit the spot for me.

    Many thanks jetdoc and Hypnos.

  2. jetdoc says:

    This seemed to me to be spot-on in terms of difficulty for an IoS — all wordplay perfectly sound, but with a few twists in the surface reading to deceive.

  3. nmsindy says:

    Thanks, jetdoc, for the blog and Hypnos for the puzzle which was very enjoyable. I found it a mixture of some quite easy clues and some extremely tricky ones. Among the latter for me were GOOD-LOOKER (my favourite clue), ESCAPEES and COERCION.

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