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Guardian Quiptic 618 / Beale

Posted by Big Dave on September 19th, 2011

Big Dave.

A pleasant puzzle which was made more difficult by the incorrect enumeration of 14 down.

Most of the definitions given are from Chambers 11th Edition. Most of the standard abbreviations used in the wordplay are shown with the unused letters in brackets e.g. S(econd).


1a Quiet part of Spain is ideal (7)
PARAGON – a charade of the musical symbol for quiet and an autonomous region of NE Spain gives an ideal or perfect example

5a Liaison causes concern (6)
AFFAIR – a double definition – a romantic liaison and a concern or business

9a About to dawdle around second walkway (8)
CLOISTER – the abbreviation of Circa (Latin for about) is followed by a word meaning to dawdle with S(econd) inserted to get a walkway, often round a quadrangle, of convent, college, or cathedral buildings

10a Recover damaged produce, losing heart (6)
RECOUP – this word meaning to recover or retrieve is an anagram (damaged) of PRO(D)UCE after the middle letter has been dropped (losing heart)

12a Mad with passion for pyrotechnics (12)
FIRECRACKERS – put a colloquial word for mad after passion or ardour  to get these pyrotechnics

15a Working at the Commons, say, for free (2,3,5)
ON THE HOUSE – a charade of a word meaning working and the House of Commons (or the House of Lords) gives a word meaning free, often applied to a round of drinks

17a Bed without a cover (3)
COT – this bed is created by dropping the A (without a) from a cover or veneer

19a Bird cry not heard initially (3)
OWL – this bird of prey is created by dropping the initial H (not Heard initially) from a cry

20a Cricketer gets support from PR person (3-7)
LEG-SPINNER – this cricketer is a charade of a support and a PR person

22a High rise close to last building (5,2,5)
BLOCK OF FLATS – this high rise building is constructed from a phrasal verb meaning to close or seal followed by an anagram (building) of LAST

26a Dirt road going in our direction (6)
ORDURE – a word meaning dirt or excrement is created by putting the abbreviation of R(OA)D inside OUR and a compass direction

27a Union hit back with anger, one admitted (8)
MARRIAGE – this union between a man and a woman is created by reversing (back) a word meaning to hit and following it with anger into which I (one) has been inserted

28a Slip up and get commission (6)
ERRAND – a charade of to slip up with AND gives a commission or task

29a Wrecked cabin after design rejected (7)
TRASHED – to get a verb meaning wrecked put a cabin or hut after design or craft reversed (rejected)


1d Prepare to leave the dogs (4)
PACK – a double definition – to prepare luggage prior to leaving or a group of dogs

2d Tie up living space (4)
ROOM – reverse (up in a down clue) a word meaning to tie or secure a boat to get this living space

3d Spread rumours of foreign spies during follow up (8)
GOSSIPED – a verb meaning spread rumours is created by putting an anagram (foreign) of SPIES inside the reversal (up, for the second successive clue) of a word meaning to follow

4d Pleasant to entertain English relative (5)
NIECE – put a word meaning pleasant around (to entertain) E(nglish) to get a female relative

6d Intense fire devastated church (6)
FIERCE – this word meaning intense or wild comes from an anagram (devastated) of FIRE followed by the Church of England

7d Teenager goes without benefit rise (10)
ADOLESCENT – this teenager is, in Yodaspeak, a benefit inside (goes without) a rise or climb

8d Collection of bad prose by one right winger (10)
REPOSITORY – this collection or place where something is found in significant quantities is a derived from an anagram (bad) of PROSE followed by I (one) and a right winger or conservative

11d Unfinished snack is a problem (6)
CRISIS – drop the final P from a snack and then add IS to get a problem

13d Risk all when shattered following attack (2,3,5)
GO FOR BROKE – a phrase meaning to risk all is created by putting a word meaning shattered after a phrasal verb meaning to attack

14d Tough demand from on high (1,4,5)
A TALL ORDER – at the time of writing this answer is incorrectly enumerated as (4,6) which meant I had to wait until I had most of the checking letters – this tough demand sounds as if it could come from on high

16d Single on holiday? It won’t happen again (3-3)
ONE-OFF – a charade of a single and a word meaning on holiday gives something that won’t happen again

18d Women’s group tries to shake off a hanger-on (8)
WISTERIA – the Women’s Institute is followed by an anagram (shake off) of TRIES and A (from the clue) to get a climbing plant

21d When series is based on endless satire it goes downhill (3,3)
SKI RUN – a series or sequence is under (based on, in a down clue) a satirical sketch without the final T (endless) to get something that goes downhill through the snow

23d Most insignificant point in final (5)
LEAST – this adjective meaning most insignificant is created by putting a compass point inside a word meaning final

24d Do make an impact (4)
BASH – a double definition – a do or party and to make an impact

25d People died getting fix (4)
MEND – a charade of people and D(ied) gives a word meaning to fix or repair

5 Responses to “Guardian Quiptic 618 / Beale”

  1. Prolixic says:

    A good entry level Quiptic. Fortunately the answer to 14d was clear though the false enumeration will undoubtedly confuse beginners.

  2. crypticsue says:

    This took me longer than it should, not least because of the 14d error. Thanks To BD for the review.

  3. Stella Heath says:

    Thanks Dave and Beale.

    I too took a little longer than I should have – my excuse is a new regimen of medicines :)

    Just a slight quibble with 28ac.: to err is a verb, whereas in your blog you cite “a slip”

  4. Big Dave says:

    Thanks – I’ve corrected the typo

  5. Derek Lazenby says:

    Not the world’s easiest Quiptic, but I’ve seen harder.

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