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Inquisitor 1194 – Presidential Interference by Emma

Posted by Hihoba on September 21st, 2011


Simple rubric starting with the encouraging words “Having completed the grid”. So no immediate need to think about the puzzle element, get on with the clues. The answers were pretty straightforward but we still have trouble with the wordplay in 1Across. Any helpful comments welcome.


 Clue  Answer Definition: Wordplay
 1  FREUDIAN SLIP  Error: FREUD (I might analyse) + ??? SLIP is next to the keeper (cricket)??
 10  RELY  Bank (on): RE(P)LY (heartless response)
 11  ALAMEDA  Walk: A + LAME (hobbling) + D(uke) + A
 12  EREMITICAL  Solitary: RE, MI and TI (three notes) in EC (city) + A (one) + L(eft)
 13  EAGLET  Nestling in eyrie: LET (permit) follows [AGE]*
 16  BLUE RUIN  Alcohol (actually gin): BLUE (fruity) + RUIN (crush)
 17  ADIT  Passage: Past tense of French dire – (Il) A DIT
 18  FOREEND  Front: [ENFOR(c)ED]*
 20  DASHPOT  Part (of engine??): DASH (hit) and POT (cannabis) are both types of blow
 23  AVER  What declarer does: AVER(T) – prevent losing T(ricks)
 24  INKBERRY  American native (plant): IN (elected + B(orn) in KERRY
 28  OMNIUM  Aggregate value: OM (order) + I (one) in NUM
 29  AURICULATE  Relating to listeners (ears): [A CURI(o)U(s) TALE]* (not SO)
 30  LEANING  Preferring: one of the three R’s removed from LEA(R)NING
 31  EGOS  Things that can be massaged: EG (such as) OS (bone)
 32  SINGLE PARENT  I’ll have to deal with the issue (child) myself: [SLEPT GRANNIE]*
 1  FREE RADICALS  Double definition: Groups (of atoms) mostly (bonded??) and slogan of oppressed reds (radicals)
 2  RETARDANT  Slowing down: TAR in RED ANT  – stingy six footer (excellent!)
 3  ELEGY  &lit clue, term for verse: E (term – end – for versE) + L(ik)E + G(ra)Y
 4  DWEEBS  Fools: DEBS (those coming out) round W(est) + E(ast) (partners)
 5  ALIQUOT  Factor: IQU (one question) in A LOT
 6  NATTER  Rabbit: NAT(ural) + TER(rain) Ural and rain are two types of water
 7  SMIRR  &lit-ish; Scotch mist: first letters of Scotch Mist Is Really Rain
 8  LECH  Desire: hidden in steepLECHase
 9  PALINDROMIST  Characters I’ve rejected staying the same: [A MISPRINT OLD]*
 14  LATH  A little support: hidden in welL AT Home
 15  DINE OUT ON  Socially exploit: DINE OU sounds like DIE NOW + TON
 18  FORTUNE  Success: FOR (because of) + TUNE (strain)
 19  EARN  Make: sounds like URN
 21  PENCIL  You can keep this in case: NC (no charge) replaces R (king) in PERIL (danger)
 22  AYMARA  Language: AY (undoubtedly) + MA (old woman) round AR(ab)
 25  BRING  Institute: O (nothing) removed from B(o)RING
 26  SIEGE  Double definition: Company of herons or bitterns (high fliers)and investment (to invest is to besiege)
 27  BRAN  Arable produce: CH(ildren) removed from BRAN(ch)

Now we had to replace eight unchecked letters by the letters of a US president’s surname.

Van Buren, Harrison (twice), Fillmore, Buchanan, Garfield, McKinley and Coolidge was my Googled list of possibilities.

I spotted that BRAN could become IRAN, so eliminated Van Buren and Buchanan. After that I boringly replaced each unchecked letter in each clue with a wild-card, and my searches resulted in:

C – aver, aCer
O – lath, lOth
O – leaning, lOaning
O – earn, eaOn
L – siege, Liege
I  – bran, Iran
D – eaglet, eagleD
G – retardant, reGardant
E – bring, bEing

Note that there are three possibilities for O, so a slight problem for the editor when giving the correct solution. I decided to choose LOANING and LOTH, as EAON is an abbreviation, unmentioned in the rubric.

So the completed grid was as below. No colours this week, so I have shown the altered letters in red and left all three of the Os in – you can choose your own two!

6 Responses to “Inquisitor 1194 – Presidential Interference by Emma”

  1. IanN14 says:

    I think the clue to 1ac. should be read more as a cryptic suggestion that a slip (fielder), if he (or she) was a Freudian, might analyse the (wicket)keeper’s thoughts.

  2. Hi of hihoba says:

    If that’s right it’s a bit over-cryptic for me!

  3. HolyGhost says:

    It seems that my experience very much mirrored Hi’s: a little quizzical about 1a, thankful for the mention of “country” in the preamble which gave me IRAN & narrowed down the list of possibilities, further reduced by guessing REGARDANT replaced RETARDANT. (And discarding EAON as an abbreviation.)

    And whilst I admire anyone who can construct and fill a symmetrical 13×13 grid with words that are not utterly obscure, and include some thematic material, I must admit to feeling somewhat underwhelmed at the end, thinking to myself “Is that it?”

    PS The definition in 11a is “walk”.

  4. Hi of hihoba says:

    So it is HG! I’ll alter 11A accordingly.

  5. jmac says:

    It was the simplicity of the preamble that encouraged me to attempt this, my first Inquisitor, so although it might not satisfy more experienced solvers, it did at least add to the audience.

    When solving, I didn’t think overmuch about 1ac, just pleased to get such a useful clue; I assumed it had something to do with “many a slip twixt cup [catch] and lip [howzat]” but maybe that’s a bit whimsical.

    Thanks for the blog.

  6. Hi of hihoba says:

    Glad this one attracted a new solver, jmac. We long-term solvers occasionally complain when there are “easy” weeks or the reverse, but this crossword has given us all enormous pleasure over many years, and the creativity of our setters is a source of continuous wonder to me!

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