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Independent 7780 by Tees

Posted by flashling on September 22nd, 2011


Last time I got Tees he set a triple pangram, not this time but I found this to be a stern test in places, rather tricky indeed…

Definitions underlined in clues, as ever I’m open to other interpretations or cleverer stuff I’ve missed.



9 It goes with Linear A for translation among other things (5,4) INTER ALIA [IT LINEAR A]*
10 Clergyman’s land bishop fenced with joy (5) GLEBE B(ishop) in GLEE, glebe house is probably better known as the local manse
11 Resilient as only remaining institute in East Central (7) ELASTIC [LAST + I(nstitute)]* in E.C.
12 Closer to breakdown because row is much worse (7 NASTIER End of (breakdow)N + AS (because) + TIER
13 As Flammarion would speak of a saga among the stars (4) DUNE Flammarion was French, French for OF A is D’UNE
14 Good riddance seen in after-effects of boozing with Scotsman from Royal House (10) HANOVERIAN No G(ood) in HAN(g)OVER + IAN
15 This do leap? Might ultimately, after development (7) TADPOLE [DO LEAP + (migh)T]* &lit
17 Where Greeks gave Persians beans and sausages? (7) SALAMIS Beans is archaic for give a hiding to, which the Greeks did to the Persians at SALAMIS. This took me some working out!
19 American designer mentioned as Rude Man for example (4,6) HILL FIGURE Homonym of Hilfiger and this
22 Exploding bags come from Kansas City (4) ASCI Hidden in kansAS CIty. Fungus spore cases
23 Not one, nor the other of two, but three in for repair (7) NEITHER [THREE IN]*
24 Notorious Welsh first to offer guarantee (7) WARRANT W(elsh) + ARRANT
26 Be stopped as Sailor Eliot on travels (3,2) LIE TO [ELIOT]*
27 Catch on handlebar maybe causes pain in love area (9) HEARTACHE HEAR + (mous)TACHE
1 How Amsterdam pawnbroker might speak rebuke? (4,1,5,5) LIKE A DUTCH UNCLE Cryptic definition Uncle is a pawnbroker
2 Anxious chewing for Rinstead (8) STRAINED [RINSTEAD]*
3 Run with ace taken from occultist’s deck (4) TROT No A in T(a)ROT
4 Hair to split required a cutting off (8) BLOCKADE LOCK in BADE
5 Brothel where nothing, in idle chat, is given up (6) BAGNIO 0 + IN + GAB all reversed
6 Spurs nightmare a fragile defence? (8) EGGSHELL You see a clue scream football, you know it has nothing to with it. EGGS(spurs) + HELL
7 Twins, say, overturned car (6) GEMINI God lord an easy one! E.G. Rev + MINI
8 Setter likes band to play for fun (4,3,8) BEER AND SKITTLES [SETTER LIKES BAND]* Tees is a drummer in a band…
16 Branch in High Street carrying bonnet with 25% reduction (8) OFFSHOOT OFF (high/smelly) + HOO(d) in ST
17 Shirburnian’s head sore in that boater (5,3) STRAW HAT S(hirburnian) + RAW in THAT
18 What Red Devils vs Quakers should be in short film by Lucifer (8) MISMATCH MIS(t) + MATCH (Lucifer)
20 Inferior women that certain something makes redundant stand idly (6) LOITER IT ( it that certain something for W(omen) in LO(w)ER
21 German orc-folk endlessly avoiding second union with British soldier (6) GURKHA G(erman) + UR(u)KHA(i) No U or final I . (See Lord of the Rings)
25 Religious words just audible (4) RITE Was Tees being kind or bored. Homonym of RIGHT
Ugh PB that was tough!  


13 Responses to “Independent 7780 by Tees”

  1. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Thanks, flashling. You’re right, it was pretty tough, but I think it’s a good example of the setter losing gracefully. There were enough relatively easy ones to give you a start and then with a bit of head-scratching or pencil-chewing (or indeed both) you could get over the line.

    HEARTACHE made me smile, and I liked the anagram in BEER AND SKITTLES. Just to explain MISMATCH in a bit more detail for those who scream blue murder every time there’s a footie clue: The Red Devils are Manchester United (who are good); The Quakers are Darlington (who are not so good). So a game between the two sides would certainly be a MISMATCH. Although football’s a funny old game, Bryan.

    I spent far too long trying to convince myself that there’s a brothel called a SAGNIO.

    Entertaining puzzle, thank you to Tees.

  2. Eileen says:

    Well done, flashling, and many thanks – and to Tees for a very enjoyable [but tough!] puzzle.

    Not being a fan of science fiction or fantasy, I needed your help with the interpretation of 13ac and 21dn. I didn’t know ASCI but it had to be that, so only needed looking up.

    I had ticks against [inter alia] INTER ALIA, HANOVERIAN, TADPOLE, HILL FIGURE and EGGSHELL.

    I was delighted to see SALAMIS: PB once tossed this clue into the comments on a Rufus puzzle, after a comment of mine about Classical battle clues, and I thought then what a waste of a good clue, so it’s great to see it get a proper airing. I didn’t know ‘give beans’ then but I remembered it in case it came in useful: it didn’t, until now.

    I think it’s worth pointing out [apologies if you already knew] that RINSTEAD pastilles are a remedy for mouth ulcers, etc, so 2dn is clever. [There was an irritating TV advert for them many years ago, beginning, ‘Trouble in the mouth?’ in a plummy voice, which stuck in my mind, as irritating things do.]

    Great puzzle!

  3. Conrad Cork says:

    Never heard of Hilfiger, but saved by my significant other, who thought it was completely obvious.

    Puzzle rating: vvg.

  4. Tees says:

    Many thanks to Flashling for his beautifully-crafted blog, and for the kind and generous comments from K’s D, Eileen and Conrad.

    Nothing much else to say really, apart from ‘cheers all': the blog nailed every single clue!


  5. NealH says:

    I found this tough and didn’t quite finish over lunch, being stuck on 19, 16 and a couple of others. I got there eventually when I thought of figure as the second word for 19. I don’t know whether I was more amazed by the fact that I understood 21 down or that something as seemingly obscure as a race of Orcs from LoTR gets an airing in a crossword.

  6. Tees says:

    Not as amazed as I was. But a GURKHA isn’t gonna let you gettim without a fight …

  7. flashling says:

    About Gurkha… my ex-wife was nuts about LOTR, well at least she left with me with something!

    About time I got a Tees fully out without Paul B needing to help :-)

    @Eileen I didn’t see that about salamis as I rarely follow the other place and as far as Rinstead goes, I remember them from my childhood but seen them for years. @K’sD I had a odd feeling that that was plymouth argyle but never got round to check.

    Beans and sausages.. for some reason the campfire scene in Blazing Saddles comes to mind.

  8. Sil van den Hoek says:

    For once, much to my surprise and delight, I was able to convince my PinC to nót tackle the Gurkhadian today. Indeed – in favour of this magnificent Tees, which we didn’t find as tough as some of you.
    There were quite a few easy clues to get the solver on its way (24ac, 1d, 2d, 25d).

    That said we failed to complete the puzzle, missing out on 19ac [in hindsight one I should have found (having seen that Fool on the Hill :) a few times during my UK holidays in the 80s] and 21d (GHURKA). The clue for the latter was so full of information that we couldn’t decide what to do with it.
    After reading Flashling’s explanation, I was still at point blank. Even though I was raised in the 60s and 70s, the LoTR was never ‘my thing’ – ah, well.

    Many plusses: 9ac, 12ac, 14ac, 15ac, 27ac, 4d, 6d, 16d.
    Anax once said to me ‘when you set a crossword with three or four brilliant clues in it, it’s great’ (or something like that). Well, this one was twice as good.

    My PinC wasn’t in a good mood tonight, but at one point she said “he’s a good setter”. Something I already knew.
    This puzzle was another fine example of that.

    Thanks, Tees!
    BTW, any chance we’ll meet you in Derby?

  9. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Since you and the setter have had a quiet day on the blog today, flashling, I’ll just drop back in to say that ‘Red Devils vs Saints’ would have been a much more apposite clue for 18dn. But red-and-white fan worship gets in the way of all sorts of things, innit?

  10. flashling says:

    @K’sD or Black Cats perhaps :-)

  11. Tees says:

    I shall retain my dignity, K’s D, merely observing the candour of Flash’s 10.

  12. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Thick as thieves, both of you. I’m off to bed to snuggle under my Black Cats duvet.

  13. flashling says:

    G’dnight Pierre

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