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Financial Times 13,806 / Loroso

Posted by shuchi on 23rd September 2011


Many delightful solving moments today. The puzzle opened with the line “Definitions in all across clues have something in common”, which was easy enough to decipher.

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Guardian 25,435 / Araucaria

Posted by Gaufrid on 23rd September 2011


When I agreed to stand in today I was hoping that I would be solving a puzzle that I could get my teeth into and I have not been disappointed. My progress was slow but steady, with regular occurrences of ‘Ah, that must be it!’.

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Independent 7781/Phi

Posted by John on 23rd September 2011


As usual a very nice crossword from Phi. Nothing very controversial I think. With Z, J and V clearly visible I suspected a pangram, but I can’t see a Q or an X. Read the rest of this entry »

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