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Financial Times 13809 Armonie

Posted by scchua on September 27th, 2011


Thanks Armonie, for an enjoyable puzzle.  Started easily in the NW, and last in were a couple in the SE.  Definitions are underlined in the clues.  There is a hidden connection in one of the picture sets.


1 A yacht wrecked in China (6)

CATHAYAnagram of(wrecked) A YACHT

Defn:  A poetic and archaic, former name for China


4 Concealed former pupils getting pickled (8)

OBSCURED :  OBS(old boys,former pupils) CURED(being preserved by salting, smoking and the like,getting pickled)

9 Midday flight is restricted (6)

NARROW :  N(noon,midday) ARROW(flight arrow, a long and light one designed for long-distance shooting)

10 Pub in awkward place is the high point (8)

PINNACLE :  INN(pub) contained in(in) anagram of(awkward) PLACE

12 Fish experiences having head cut off (4)

EELS :  “Feels”,experiences without its initial letter,having head cut off

13 Whistled to girls having viewing aids (10)

SUNGLASSES :  SUNG(made a whistling sound, as with a singing kettle or bird) plus(to) LASSES(girls)

15 A liking for prophesy about the Parisian (12)

PREDILECTION :  PREDICTION(forecast,prophesy) containing(about) LE(the definite article, the, in the native language of a Parisian)

18 Consider ‘er intention in musical arrangement (12)

COUNTERPOINT :  COUNT(take into account,consider) ‘ER POINT(an aim,purpose,intention)

Defn:  Music where two or more parts/melodies are simultaneously played, giving a pleasant interaction/contrast.

21 Distress character reversing jalopy (10)

RATTLETRAP :  RATTLE(to distress,make uncomfortable) TRAP{reversal of(reversing) “part”,a character role in a play/story/film}

22 Father an art movement (4)

DADA :  Double defn:  1st:  Informal term for father,daddy, probably derived from baby talk; and 2nd:  An early 20C European and American artistic and literary movement, flouting convention and producing works characterized by nonsense, travesty and incongruity.

Manray_dada arte dada

24 Moral tale of a parrot holding the stage (8)

ALLEGORY :  A LORY(an Australasian parrot) containing(holding) LEG(a part,stage of a sporting contest made up of such legs, that in sum determine the winner)

25 Opponents notice flag (6)

ENSIGN :  EN(East & North, in partnership with West and South respectively,opponents in bridge notation) SIGN(notice, eg. “Keep Off The Grass” or ….)

Defn:  A flag,banner used to indicate nationality


26 With composure and cunning embracing oriental girlfriend (8)

SEDATELY :  SLY(adjective, cunning) containing(embracing) {E(eastern,oriental) DATE(girlfriend – how many dates before she’s your girlfriend?)

27 Advocate having wife in bed (6)

LAWYER :  W(wife) contained in(in) LAYER(not the hen, but a thick bed of the same material spread over a surface, sometimes bounded by different layers top and bottom)


1 Cheat, seduce and disgrace (8)

CONTEMPT :  CON(derived from confidence trick,to cheat) TEMPT(lure,persuade gently,seduce)

2 Ploughman reserves an hour for a novel (8)

THRILLER :  TILLER(one who tills the ground,ploughman) containing(reserves) HR(abbrev. for “hour”)

3 Flower carried by Savonarola (4)

AVONHidden in(carried by) sAVONarola

Defn:  There are more than one river,flower named Avon, even in England.  I guess the most famous the one is in Warwickshire, because of Stratford-upon-Avon, birthplace of Shakespeare. 

5 Supply a need for game fellow, good during strike (6,3,3)

BRIDGE THE GAP :  BRIDGE(the card game) [HE(fellow,masculine chap) G(good)] contained in(during) TAP(a blow,strike)

6 Paul at once prepared fruit (10)

CANTALOUPEAnagram of(prepared) PAUL AT ONCE

7 Holiday in secluded spot (6)

RECESS :  Doube defn:  1st:  A short/long break, as what Parliament has, presumably for members to take their holidays, and 2nd:  Inner area,secluded spot, away from the mainstream, eg. figuratively, the recesses of your mind

8 Stylish, clean and young (6)

DRESSY :  DRESS(as in to clean a wound) Y(young)

11 Psychic upset usual partner (12)


14 It shows when working guide’s frivolous (5,5)

PILOT LIGHT :  PILOT(guide,steerer) LIGHT(lightweight,unserious,frivolous)

16 Laughter or a term embracing it (8)

HILARITY :  HILARY(the spring term at Oxford U, Inns of Court, et al, named after St. Hilarius, Bishop of Poitiers in 4C – I wonder if he was cheerful?) containing(embracing) IT

17 Coarse filter surprisingly isn’t rare (8)

STRAINERAnagram of(surprisingly) of ISNT RARE

19 Greek devours the classics (6)

GREATS :  GR(Greek, also the ISO code for Greece) EATS(devours)

20 Leader of thugs, buried in concrete, showing no emotion (6)

STOLID :  T(first letter,leader ofthugs”) contained in(buried in) SOLID(unyielding,compact,tangible,concrete).  Nice surface – image of gang warfare.

23 Foreign ruler much liked by accountant (4)

INCA :  IN(in fashion,popular,much liked as in the “in-crowd”) plus(by) CA(Chartered Accountant – a million miles away from that amusing euphemism, turf accountant)

Defn:  Ruler, or member of the royal family of the South American Inca people and their empire, pre the Spanish conquistadors.

3 Responses to “Financial Times 13809 Armonie”

  1. Rishi says:

    Anent one of the sign boards above. That reminds me.

    Decades ago we used to work on night shift and return home around 3 a.m. on cycles through dark streets inhabited by stray dogs.

    Often we would be chased by these growlers.

    A colleague told us he had a strategy to avoid them. Said he: “I would pedal furiously and turn into a one-way street. The dogs would obey the road sign and stop.”

  2. Pelham Barton says:

    Thanks Armonie for a pleasant puzzle and scchua for the blog.

    Small typo in the explanation of 4ac: OBS + CURED.

    I have a copy of the second sign pictured under 25ac just next to me as I am typing this – I found it at Tate Modern.

  3. scchua says:

    Thanks Pelham, typo now corrected.

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