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Financial Times 13,810 by IO

Posted by PeeDee on 28th September 2011


A very fine crossword from IO.  I started of easily thinking I was going to romp though in no time, then slowly ground to a halt towards the end.  “Harder then it looks” would be my summary.

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Cryptic crossword No 25,439 The Guardian by Orlando

Posted by Stella on 28th September 2011


An enjoyable mix of fairly obvious anagrams plus some more obscure definitions and answers to keep me on my toes. Unfortunately, the explanation for one of the latter eludes me.

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Independent 7785 by Crosophile

Posted by flashling on 28th September 2011


Was expecting a smooth Dac and got a cracking Crosophile instead, not complaining though, good stuff. No obvious ninas or themes or pangrams today – this is not a bad thing. Some midnight oil burning here as off to another firework championships (to music this time) in the morning, so any mistakes will need to be sorted by commenters.

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Inquisitor 1195: Highly Strung by Samuel

Posted by HolyGhost on 28th September 2011


Clues are presented in alphabetical order of answers (at least, that’s what the preamble said), and 19 have single-letter misprints in the definition. These spell out a link between the theme of the puzzle and the 8 unclued entries, 5 of which are to be entered at numbered locations.
In the first session (Saturday evening) I managed to solve all bar three of the clues – not too fast, not too slow – but then was too tired to start fitting them in to the ‘jigsaw'; I merely entered the Z from one of the nine-letter words into the slot at r4c3 and went to bed.

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