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Independent 7785 by Crosophile

Posted by flashling on September 28th, 2011


Was expecting a smooth Dac and got a cracking Crosophile instead, not complaining though, good stuff. No obvious ninas or themes or pangrams today – this is not a bad thing. Some midnight oil burning here as off to another firework championships (to music this time) in the morning, so any mistakes will need to be sorted by commenters.




1 CRACKERS Double definition
6 JOVIAL J(ack) + I in the OVAL
9 ROBUST R.O. + BUST (shattered) (more cricket?)
11 ECZEMA E.C. (defunct shurely ed?) + MAZE*
13 MINCE PIE M(istleto) + IN (popular) + PIECE* Clever.
15 CHIRAC C(lues) + RAICH* Name check for NMSIndy’s setter name
16 ÉCLAIR A(nima)L in RICE all reversed
20 When in capital, briefly on train transported between outskirts of Oslo (7) ONTARIO Full clue as don’t really get this. Capital = ONTARIO and TRAIN* in O(sl)O but clue doesn’t really work for me.
22 MOUSSE S(econd) in MOUSE
24 DEFLUENT Becoming run… D(own) + E (Spanish) + FLU + E.N.T.
25 REDEEM R.E.M. (Dream state) about letter DEE
26 ENZYME Z in ENEMY* (ground)
2 RHONCHI Snoring type noises, N in RHO and CHI
3 COUPE No L  in COUP(l)E
4 ENTRAPPER REP (is there any other salesman) + PARTNE(r) All reversed
6 JUROR R for NI in JU(ni)OR
8 ALI BABA ALIB(i) + A(merican) B(ar) A(ssociation)
14 CHANTILLY Bit weak but lace and CHANTing badly (ILLY?)
15 CLAYMORES LAY (bet) + MORE in CS(gas)
17 CLOSE IN [L(iqueur) + SO NICE]*
18 CLOTTED C(hantilly-14) + OTT in LED
21 REEVE To weave through holes, hidden in heRE EVEntually.
23 UNDUE Hidden in machinegUN DUEl


18 Responses to “Independent 7785 by Crosophile”

  1. Richard Heald says:

    20Ac refers to ON being the abbrev. for Ontario (see Chambers).

  2. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Thanks for the blog, flashling. Good puzzle, with some unfamiliar words clearly clued – I always enjoy the ‘it must be that’ moment and finding out that it is. Thanks too to Richard for explaining ONTARIO, which I couldn’t see either.

    Never knew that definition of REEVE. Agree that EC is defunct, but I think for the purposes of the clue it works fine. And Crosophile has been very precise in clueing JUROR by defining NI as ‘most of Ulster’. If you’ve ever followed the long and heated discussions in Another Place whenever a setter equates NI with Ulster, you’d know that they are not the same beast.

    And yes, there is a cricketing reference in ROBUST – it’s a great surface, because Beefy is the nickname of Sir Ian Botham, slayer of the Aussies a long time ago and now a regular commentator on the Tests.

  3. Paul B says:

    And CREME DE LA CREME too, of course, which seems to fit in with quite a lot of the answers.

  4. Eileen says:

    Thanks for the blog, flashling, and especially for explaining 10ac. I missed the obvious homophone and was trying to make something with ‘ana’ = ‘gossip'[rumour], which I learned from crosswords and carefully filed away!

    All the best with the fireworks – 1812? / Handel? [You’re off to a good start with 1ac. 😉 ]

    Good puzzle – thanks, Crosophile.

  5. Eileen says:

    Thanks, Paul B – missed it, as usual!

  6. Paul B says:

    … and which is why there are some unusual-ish words here. It can be quite difficult to set around an idea that dictates beginnings or endings to all your across clues, but Crossers (who knows what Ulster is, I would imagine) has done it.

  7. Thomas99 says:

    Ah! I ALWAYS miss these things. Brilliant nina/theme. Thanks, Paul B.

  8. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Rats! I never see those things.

  9. flashling says:

    Missed a Nina and theme, must be slipping but it was late at night, it’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. To while away the journey to Southport I’ve done the i crossword – it’s a Nimrod but easily gettable. Thanks to Paul B for noting the Nina.

  10. nmsindy says:

    Thanks, flashling, for the blog and Crosophile for the puzzle. I was about two-thirds way through when I saw the Nina emerging and that helped me to finish esp the NE corner which I found the most difficult. Overall not too hard a puzzle – favourite clues EURASIA and SUPREME – also esp liked the cricketing reference in ROBUST. BTW, I think in 24A what may be intended is DE = from (in Spanish) with the definition being “Becoming run down”. Thanks for explaining PARANOIA which I got without fully understanding the wordplay – until now.

  11. 4across says:

    thanks crosophile and flashling, just a minor point, 10A i had paranoid rather than paranoia, think it fits the clue in the same way ?

  12. Crosophile says:

    Thanks Flashling for the blog and well spotted, Paul B, with the nina. And thanks for all the other nice comments. Don’t know if vanishing and eczema got noticed as types of cream in amongst all the mousses, coupes and supremes etc. – but if not, I’ve mentioned it now!
    4across, I agree the definition for 10a could equally be paranoiD, but ‘one upsetting by rumour’ ought to be annoyeR rather than annoyeD, I feel. Or is this part of some plot just to get at me… :-)

  13. Simon Harris says:

    Can anyone explain how Ontario = capital?

  14. Paul B says:

    Well, the capital of Ontario is Toronto, and the capital of Canada is Ottawa.

  15. flashling says:

    @Simon #15 no I can’t, Ontario is the Province, Ottawa is in Ontario, but Ontario being the capital doesn’t work. Perhaps Crosophile can elucidate a bit.

  16. Gaufrid says:

    Simon @13

    As Richard indicated in comment #1, the ‘when in captial’ indicates changing ‘on’ to ON which is the abbreviation (briefly) of Ontario.

  17. Crosophile says:

    Spot on!

  18. flashling says:

    Done for today, at Eileen#4 no not Handel :-) We’ve gone for(amongst others)the Pink Panther theme and Doctor Who with a firework Tardis appearing up high and landing! Hope to gods it works…

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