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Financial Times 13,816 by Gozo

Posted by PeeDee on 5th October 2011


I always look forward to Gozo crosswords as he seems to be right on my wavelength.  Unfortunately, this morning I seem poorly tuned-in as there are still a couple of solutions that I can’t fully explain, so any help would be gratefully appreciated.

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Guardian 25,445 – Puck

Posted by manehi on 5th October 2011


I only have a slight knowledge of the theme and twigged it late leaving me struggling with some of the across clues, several of which I guessed from the wordplay and had to confirm with Google.

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Independent 7791/Dac

Posted by John on 5th October 2011


As usual a near-perfect crossword from Dac. Week after week he goes on producing these masterpieces. There is hardly anything here — so far as I can see — which calls for much comment that is not praise. Read the rest of this entry »

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Inquisitor 1196: Seriously … by Loda

Posted by kenmac on 5th October 2011


There are four unclued answers, all fairly long, and all made up of multiple words. It seems that our setter, Loda, takes these four phrases seriously. Then there are six symmetrically placed answers that have to be thematically altered in one of three ways. Remaining clues have an extra word, the first letters of which, give the source of the theme.
As so often seems to happen, with me anyway, I solved this one largely from the bottom up. This ensured that I spotted the originator of the piece fairly early. Once I’d found him, the rest was pretty much plain sailing.
So, the initial letters reveal THE POLITICS OF ECSTASY
TIMOTHY LEARY. This leads to the quote: Read the rest of this entry »

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