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Financial Times no.13,817 by ORENSE

Posted by Ringo on October 6th, 2011


Nothing too taxing from Orense this morning, and – a surfeit of double definitions aside – no serious grumbles from me, either (except that there’s just no getting away from the Conservatives this week… (see 21ac. and 13dn)).


1. ANGELICA  Angelic [innocent] + a to give the cake-decorator’s favourite herb

6. STARTS  Double definition

9. BARRIO  Bar [pub] + rio(t) [public disorder] to give a district of a Spanish-speaking city

10. AIRMAILS  Anagram of a similar

11. DASH  Double definition

12. ADDITIONAL  Double definition

14. FROUFROU  Anagram of four,  times two…

16. FEAT  Fat [adipose tissue] incorporating e(nergy)

18. FLAK  F(ollowing) + lak [sounds like ‘lack’, deficiency]

19. TARTRATE  Tart [bitter] + rate [charge, fee] to give a salt of tartaric acid

21. CONSTRICTS  Cons [Tories, Conservatives] incorporating strict [severe]

22. OAST  O [ring] + a + s(pli)t

24. PLETHORA  Anagram of the polar

26. NAILED  (O)n + ailed [suffered]

27. SWORDS  Word [promise] within s(oldier)s (nothing to do with the SS, happily)

28. KNEES-UPS  Knees [joints] + sups [drinks]


2. NYALA  The African ungulate is hidden in MaNY A LAboratory

3. EARTHQUAKES  Anagram of heart + quakes [shudders – rather literal, that]

4. IDOLATRY  Idol [hero – again, somewhat too literal] + a try [a go]

5. A HARD NUT TO CRACK  Double definition, alluding to the Brazil nut

6. SPRITE  Spite [rancour] incorporating (grandmothe)r

7. AGA  Alternate letters from lAuGh At to give an Ottoman official

8. TELL APART  Reversal of let [rent] + L [learner, student] + a part [a theatrical role]

13. OFFERTORIES  Offer [volunteer] + Tories [politicians] to give a Christian ritual that may involve the collection of alms

15. RULE OF LAW  Anagram of awful role

17. PRESENCE  Double definition (a person who carries himself impressively is said to have ‘presence’)

20. GROOMS  Cryptic definition

23. STEEP  Step [pace] incorporating e(nergy)

25. TAR  Reversal of at + (Septembe)r


2 Responses to “Financial Times no.13,817 by ORENSE”

  1. Pelham Barton says:

    Thanks Orense for a pleasant puzzle and Ringo for the blog.

    Ringo, I agree with everything you have said. One omission:

    10ac: AIRMAILS Anagram of a similar [or possibly A + anagram of similar.]

  2. Ringo says:

    Oops, thanks Pelham – I’ve amended it now.

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